How to attach granite stone facing to an entrance wall.

Entrance walls provide a glimpse of what you expect to see when the house comes into view. Just like the eyes are a mirror of the soul, granite faced walls set an aesthetic and highly appealing visual standard of construction finish that the visitor expects to be replicated in the house build itself. Traditionally it is a laborious, time consuming process to attach granite stone facing to a wall. Stone masons may have to be employed to do the job unless you have experienced and skilled casual labour capable of cementing the granite stone to the block wall surface in a professional manner. The common method used is a mortar mixture that is trowelled onto the stone tiles or slabs which are pressed firmly against the block to form the granite stone facing. To make the mortar you have to purchase sand, cement and plasticiser. The exercise of attaching granite wall cladding can be frustrating as the heavy cladding or tiles can slip out of position on attachment with mortar. The other drawback is water penetration that can weaken and erode the mortar joint over time, causing the cladding to fall off the wall necessitating reinstatement. There was no real alternative attachment method until the introduction of chemically formulated adhesives which offered varied results often unsuccessful and disappointing. Unfortunately none were completely safe until the recent arrival on the market of a heavy duty industrial adhesive that has been developed specifically for the Construction Industry. This amazingly strong and versatile bonding solution revolutionises the adhesion equation with a formula that is all embracing.

An all embracing industrial adhesive has arrived.

Power Grab n Bond, developed by the illustrious CT1, inventor and manufacturer of a range of powerful adhesives and sealants designed for the Construction Industry, is proving a big hit with professional operatives across a wide swathe of industries. Its unique formulation based on the Company’s flagship product, the eponymous CT1, consists of a comprehensive list of product attributes that make it the effective long lasting adhesive solution that it claims to be. Endorsed by trades people across the UK, Ireland. Spain and Norway as the ‘go to’ choice of adhesive/sealant for practically all heavy duty bonding applications, this revolutionary bonding agent is ideal for vertical bonding applications. It is the best product for attaching granite stone facing to an entrance wall in both adhesive and aesthetic terms, providing a non slip attachment to the wall that becomes a permanent fixing. It can be applied in wet or damp conditions with no loss of bonding integrity and is impervious to weather and temperature extremes. Its molecular structure as an engineered adhesive provides a high density bonding solution, with instant grab that enigmatically allows granite stone manipulation on the block surface before setting to a very high tensile strength bond. In product experiments it was found to be stronger than the material itself, providing a permanent attachment that is also resistant to UV and chemicals. Power Grab n Bond will not erode or disintegrate under any conditions and will retain its phenomenal sealing quality, strength and durability whatever the environmental conditions. As a safe product it will not damage or tarnish either the granite stone facing or the block wall surface and it has certification to confirm its compliance with both food and environmental regulatory standards. This one stop adhesive/sealant solution speeds up the granite stone attachment process is economical and provides a much cleaner and more efficient bonding solution than traditional mortar.

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