How to attach aluminium to steel.

Attaching aluminium to steel has always been done with bolts and nuts which is a time consuming process. You also have to ensure to isolate them from the aluminium and steel because of chemical reactions. Other solutions such as welding glue have been used but present their own problems in terms of effectiveness and longevity. Engineers have long mulled over devising a single solution that would actually work with no residual repercussions – but to little avail. What was needed was a hybrid polymer that would both bond and provide a sealant solution simultaneously would be compatible with all materials, would have a resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, water penetration, atmospheric fluctuations, material movement and would remain strong whatever the circumstances. The challenge for inventors was to develop a product possessing all those qualities at a reasonable price to the consumer. Hey presto – it did happen in the recent past and a solution was developed capable of attaching aluminium to steel in an efficient and long lasting manner with no recourse to the traditional nuts and bolts.

An amazing hybrid polymer sticks aluminium to steel.

The discovery of a solution to bond aluminium to steel seemed almost counterintuitive, but CT1, the company that bucked the trend and made the vital breakthrough, researched and developed  the eponymous CT1, an amazing solution that bonds practically any materials together safely and efficiently with long lasting effect. Its unique formulation bestows it with amazing qualities which make it the number one choice of sealant /adhesive for industrial operatives and trades people across a range of industries and businesses. It has also quickly become the ‘go to product for multiple adhesive applications in the DIY household and domestic environment. Designed with the Construction industry in mind it has been developed to tackle any bonding requirement the construction sector may have. Its grab and tensile strength is commensurate with those needs and the bond it creates is actually stronger than the material itself. Technically speaking its adhesive power is 265n per square centimetre. That awesome strength is the mainstay of the product’s formulation and transfers across many different industrial applications. It’s compatibility with practically any material, makes it a very versatile adhesive/sealant solution. As a hybrid polymer adhesive it is solvent free and flexible which means it can move with the material without shrinking or disintegrating and without losing any of its strength and product integrity. The wow factor is not only its ability to resist water penetration as well as temperature extremes, but also its capacity to resist chemicals. It is safe in terms of not causing any damage to the materials being bonded and possesses a food safe certificate as well as environmentally safe credentials. It is the perfect adhesive for bonding aluminium to steel effectively with no negative repercussions.

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