How to attach a rear view mirror to a car windscreen.

Interior rear view mirrors can become displaced with bond degradation through the ageing process or they can simply be dislodged through an accidental knock or blow from the driver or front seat passenger or even from operators carrying out a car valet. Whatever the cause immediate reattachment is necessary to ensure the driver’s capacity to be aware of what is approaching from behind and its impact on making informed driving decisions. The mirror is both a safety and functional feature representing an indispensable aid to both safe and effective driving. The challenge of reattaching the mirror to the windscreen is predicated upon finding a glue that is safe and sufficiently strong to hold the suspended mirror in place indefinitely. There are a number of proprietary glues that claim the ability to stick plastic or metal to glass. Unfortunately they are neither safe nor fully proficient and prove to be only a temporary solution. So the main issue in positioning the rear view mirror back in place is finding an effective bonding product to do the job effectively and safely. A revolutionary new superglue has recently been developed to fill that void in the adhesive market. Superfast Plus is a very versatile bonding agent which was initially formulated by CT1 with the construction industry in mind. It bonds practically any material and does so instantly with high tensile strength, providing a lasting bonding solution that is both safe and efficient.

A new super glue bonds with great strength

CT1’s research into and development of this uniquely formulated superglue has provided a revolutionary product with sufficient depth and strength to perform effectively across all trades in the construction industry. Its success and popularity to date as the go to adhesive product for all gluing applications have earned it the respect of many industries including the food, hospitality and medical sectors. It has also gained traction with the DIY sector as a must have super glue for all domestic and household bonding applications. This crystal clear glue is a one component adhesive whose formula is based on Cyanoacrylate – a solvent free compound consisting mainly of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Monomer that bonds on a molecular level. The most appealing aspect of this superglue on a practical level is its ability to provide an instant grab that quickly becomes an extremely strong bond forming a joint that is harder than the material itself. Its resistance to UV lessens the risk of shrinkage or cracking and its toleration of temperature and atmosphere fluctuations makes it a more effective adhesive product. The attractive side of this non toxic glue which is instantly deliverable from the bottle with a precision nozzle, is that no heating, soldering or mixing is necessary prior to application. It bonds within seconds and dries clear. Superfast is the ideal solution for all your bonding requirements.



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