How to attach a plastic lid retaining frame to a brick surround on a sewage inspection chamber.

The best way to attach a plastic lid retaining frame to a brick surround on a sewage inspection chamber is to use a tried and tested heavy duty adhesive that is specifically designed for the Construction Industry. The lid retaining frame itself is normally quite narrow, so requires an adhesive with maximum grab and fast cure that will create a tight bond between the plastic frame and the brick surround to hold it securely in place. The adhesive product needs to have certain properties to resist extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. It will also need to be tolerant to impact and vibration especially if traffic is driving over it. Ideally it will also be water resistant and shrink proof so it does not disintegrate in damp conditions. The challenge is to find a product with those essential attributes. A selection of adhesives do exist that claim the ability to perform such tasks but on inspection fail on performance. Many are neither solvent free nor safe and are not necessarily compatible with all materials. The question on everyone’s lips is – is there a bonding agent out there that is capable of attaching the frame permanently and securely to the sewage inspection chamber brick surround? Does it have the properties and attributes to withstand weather and temperature extremes without compromising its bonding integrity? The answer in brief is – Yes. CT1, an inventive and dynamic company and the home to a family of diverse adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry have invented a revolutionary versatile heavy duty bonding product that is designed for the toughest jobs including vertical adhesion.

An effective heavy duty vertical bonding agent has been developed.

Thanks to CT1 the inventor of the illustrious and eponymous CT1 – adhesive/sealant par excellence to the Construction Industry, a new revolutionary bonding agent with supreme instant grab and high tensile strength has been developed and manufactured to support the need for a vertical bonding agent of supreme strength and durability. Its formulation is forged from scientific, chemical and engineered development and is based on the Company’s hybrid polymer sealant/adhesive CT1 which they aptly describe as the ‘Snag List Eliminator’. The unique formulation of Power Grab n Bond provides an adhesive product with extraordinary strength and bonding ability. Its high grab value and cured strength make it the toughest adhesive on the market. Other attributes that make it an outstanding vertical bonding application are its tolerance to high impact and vibration and its resistance to temperature extremes and climatic fluctuations. As an effective replacement solution for conventional drilling, screws and mechanical fixings this amazing adhesive dispenses with those traditional processes that cost time, labour and expense.

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