How to attach a memoriam plaque to a wall.

Memoriam plaques are attached to walls traditionally by drilling holes, inserting rawl plugs and then using self tapping screws to screw the plaque to the wall. It is a time consuming and dusty task that can present a problem if the holes in the wall are not drilled exactly straight and in line with the guide markson the wall. A screw that is sitting proud or at an angle does not compliment the overall aesthetics of the plaque installation so much care needs to be taken when actually doing the job. This demands a good straight eye and lots of patient skill. Trades operatives have often wondered – if only there was a simpler way! Eventually, a revolutionary solution has been invented that literally takes the work out of mounting plaques on walls. A very dynamic, forward looking and talented Company has developed a successful alternative to the historic screw solution in the form of an extremely strong adhesive/sealant that provides a permanent solution. There are now a number of bonding products on the market that claim to be all singing dancing adhesive solutions but on closer scrutiny fall short on expectations. This eponymous bonding product has quickly become the ‘go to’ bonding product for practically all adhesion sealing jobs in the building industry and such is its prowess that it has been adopted by many other industries and businesses as their bonding product of choice.

A superb versatile adhesive has just been developed.

CT1 have recently developed an adhesive/sealant that has quickly become their company product flagship product due to its amazing power and efficiency.Created with the Construction industry in mind the eponymous CT1 has quickly established itself in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway as the ‘go to’ adhesive/sealant solution for practically all adhesion applications. It literally ticks all the criteria boxes as the strongest, safest and most efficient product of its kind on the market. Many adhesives claim to be the most effective but fail in many respects including safety, efficiency and longevity. This revolutionary new product combines all the essential elements with the added wow factor of being spreadable under water and remaining totally water resistant. Its unique formulation with high tensile strength and long lasting effect makes it the ‘go to’ adhesive/sealant for an increasing number of trades people and industrial operatives across Europe. Amazingly, CT1 tolerates material movement and retains its total adhesion without shrinking or disintegration in any conditions – even temperature extremes and a damp environment. It is certified as food safe, complies with environmental standards and works efficiently in all industries. This ideal solution for attaching a memoriam plaque to a church wall, dispenses with the tiresome process of drilling holes and using rawl plugs and screws to secure it in place. It can be attached in literally two minutes to provide a permanent bond that looks neat, and aesthetically beautiful.

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