How do you repair a leak in a hot cylinder coil

Traditionally, a leak in a hot cylinder coil signals a lot of work and expense. First you have to flush the system then replace the cylinder complete with coil with a new one. It is a time consuming business which can add substantially to the overall costs of replacing old with new and will incidentally cause some disruption to the domestic outworkings where it occurs. If discovered quickly there should be no collateral damage to pumps or valves through untreated cold water, with possible high acidic content, leaching into the heating network from the cylinder cold water supply and causing corrosion or damage to mechanical parts or seals enabling a more satisfactory remedy. The ideal solution to fixing a leak in the coil should be fast, effective, safe and easily applicable and should provide a better alternative solution to having to replace the tank with a new one. The question is of course – is there a liquid sealant on the market that will cure the leak efficiently and permanently so dispensing with the other more expensive and labour intensive option? Among the proprietary sealants it was historically challenging to find one that ticked all the boxes for a safe effective product. While the full inventory of solutions fulfils some requisite criteria none of the products tick the safe solution box, an important element that has made the search for the ideal cure all the more difficult. However that situation has been totally reversed in the recent past with the arrival of a revolutionary new sealant that meets the full criteria for a safe effective solution to leak problems.

Comprehensive sealant solution is now on the market

Problematic invisible leaks can now be repaired very easily and quickly with the arrival of C Tec’s Miracle Seal. This revolutionary sealant can cure small leaks anywhere in the heating system with no detrimental effect on the mechanical parts, valves or circulating pump seals in the system.  It is non corrosive, is compatible with any inhibitor in the network and contains lubricating components that protect all the working parts in the central heating system. The greatest asset of Miracle Seal is its formulation which ensures it does not clog the system or degrade any part thereof whilst performing its immediate leak repair. A secondary yet extremely positive effect is its capacity to form a protective surface seal across the whole system so preempting any potential future leaks. Thanks to Miracle Seal’s strong bonding and sealing ability the repaired leaks should not have to be revisited going forward. This miraculous sealant is a water based suspension that comes in a 250ml bottle and is easily dispensed. In this particular incidence the well agitated canister of sealant can be poured directly into the header or expansion tank and will work its way through the system repairing the leak on its way. You can actually provide a dual effect by both sealing the leak and preventing any other potential leaks. Miracle Seal is the real deal for repairing invisible leaks in coils and pipes.

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