How do you remove paint from a smooth surface stone wall?

To answer the question : How do you remove paint from a smooth surface stone wall? – you require the knowledge and experience to choose the right paint removal product that is

effective and safe. Once you satisfy those criteria it is then a question of how quickly does the application allow you to complete the procedure. This is the most complex aspect of repainting a stone wall. There are a number of ways of removing the paint based on traditional methods but they are neither safe nor totally effective and are time consuming and tiresome. The three most commonly used methods are Heat Treatment, Mechanical Sanding and use of harsh Solvents. Each has its own downside from both a technical and safety viewpoint which creates issues that  are worrying for all painters and third parties. Heat treatment produces vapours, fumes and potentially eye stinging smoke. Sanding in its different forms produces dust which can affect the respiratory system and solvents can emit noxious fumes. To put it in perspective you require a solution that is efficient, safe and easily applied. It should also leave a residue that is easily peeled away to reveal a clean base which is undamaged and well prepared for a new coat of paint. That is the ideal solution for removing paint from a smooth surface stone wall.

A new safe way of removing paint meets the requisite criteria

There is now an effective way of removing paint from a smooth surface stone wall that fulfils all the criteria for a fast, efficient and safe solution. C Tec have developed a brand new product that consigns those unsafe methods to the past. Peel Tec joins the illustrious C Tec range of sealants and adhesives that are known collectively as the Snag List Eliminators. Developed specifically for the Construction Industry it is proving a  big hit with the Painting and Decorating sector which rate it as the best paint removal solution on the market. Its unique formulation means it will not damage the base material whilst preparing surface for recoating. It is extremely versatile and works effectively on practically every surface with no dangerous vapours or accidental scratching. From a safe solution perspective it resonates with safety conscious consumers as a 100% Methyl Chloride free product. This amazing paint remover comes in a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle permitting controlled release of the spray gel onto the target surface area. It gets to work immediately on the paint, eating through it to leave a residue that can simply be peeled away.  This is the ideal for all operatives – a product that is easy to apply and easy to remove and does the job in a fraction of the time needed with more traditional methods of paint removal.

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