How do you remove paint from a metal roller shutter door?

It may not be the easiest of tasks to remove paint from an undulating metal surface in preparation for a repaint. However, to effectively apply a new coat of paint to a metal roller shutter door you need to ensure that the metal surface is clinically clean and receptive to the fresh paint. The basic question is how do you actually achieve that preparatory status? The answer is to use a paint removal solution that works safely and efficiently on metal. Traditional methods of paint removal are neither totally effective nor safe but the criteria for a successful outcome remains unchanged. The paint removal product should be easily applicable and fast acting with the ability to eat through multiple layers of paint if necessary. It also needs to be safe considering the close contact painters and DIY operatives have with the solution. With the application of the product the resulting residue should be easily removed to leave a clean metal surface free of any damage or scratching and perfectly prepared for a new coat of paint. The methods used historically presented their own individual problems with heat treatment producing unpleasant vapours and smoke; manual and electrical sanding producing eye and airways irritating dust and harsh solvents producing noxious vapours and fumes also with irritating effects on the respiratory system and eyes. A generation of painters used to the less than satisfactory paint removal solutions at their disposal are ecstatic about a revolutionary new paint removal product that has recently arrived on the scene.

A new safe efficient solution removes paint from a metal surface

A new innovative product for removing paint from practically any material surface, including metal, has been developed by C Tec specifically for the Construction Industry. Peel Tec fulfils the criteria for a safe effective paint removal solution that will not scratch or damage the metal surface while eating through the layers of paint. It leaves a well prepared and clean base for the application of a smooth coat of new coat of paint to restore its original pristine cosmetic appearance. Not only is the right amount deliverable to the precise target area but it corrodes the paint within ten minutes of application leaving a residue that can be effortlessly peeled away to reveal that all important clean surface. Technically it is an advanced solution that does the job efficiently as well as being a very safe formulation which is Methyl Chloride free. It will help you remove paint from a metal shutter door in the most innovative way. This magical formula eliminates all those tedious and unsafe methods of removing paint such as harsh solvents that cause eye stinging and respiratory discomfort; mechanical methods such as electrical sanders that produce dust and unpleasant side effects and heat treatment such as blowtorch use that also produces irritating fumes and smoke. This revolutionary product is available in an aerosol container with a unique nozzle, enabling precision delivery of the spray gel product to the target surface. Thankfully, Peel Tec provides a safe effective solution to paint removal from metal with none of the traditional shortcomings

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