How do you remove paint from a garden cabin window?

Being exposed continually to the elements, a garden cabin window will receive a lot of wear and tear that can only be remedied with a new coat of paint. The greatest challenge with this task is not the painting but the preparation. That means removing the old paint so that the bare wood of the window frame will accept a new coat of paint with no streaking or other flaws. This is a protective measure as much as a decorative application and requires the right solution to prepare the wood properly for its protective coating. Look for a paint removal product that is both efficient and safe. It needs to be easily applicable and fast acting. The resulting residue should simply peel away to leave a scratch free material surface that is clinically clean and ready for a new coat of paint. Finding a solution like that is not simple as the traditional methods of Heat treatment, Mechanical Sanding and Solvents all have technical inadequacies and are unsafe.  The greatest challenge is to find a safe paint removal product that can do the job effectively.

A new paint removal invention ticks all the positive boxes.

The solution for removing paint from a garden cabin window rests in the new paint removal product from C Tec. The result of intensive and lengthy research and development from the Company that invented the Snag List Eliminator inventory of successful sealants and adhesives, Peel Tec is taking the Construction Industry by storm. More correctly it is providing the ideal solution to effective and safe paint removal for the Painting and Decorating sector who have long awaited a fail safe product to do the job efficiently. It is the best option to remove paint satisfactorily from a garden cabin window. This amazing product has a spray gel structure that can be delivered from a handy aerosol container directly onto the target surface. Its versatility means it is effective on practically all surfaces getting to work immediately on dissolving the paint into a peel away residue that can be effortlessly removed with a scraper. The product leaves a clean damage free base for a fresh coat of paint that will have no streaking or other flaws. As a unique formulation Peel Tec is Methyl Chloride free which resonates firmly with a safety conscious consumer population. This invention will remove paint safely and efficiently from a garden cabin window permitting its original cosmetic restoration with a shiny newly painted status.

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