How do you cure a leak in a home heating radiator?

A leak in a home heating radiator can normally be attributed to either chemical corrosion – causing weakness in the metal body or a mechanical fault where joints are poorly soldered or compression joints are not properly tightened or secured. Either way it does not change the fact that a leak has developed and that the escape of water and pressure from the system has to be rectified. There are a number of unsuitable proprietary polymer based solutions that by formulation are adhesive rooted, defeating the purpose of their application, by blocking pipes in the central heating systems You can also find products that will cure weeps temporarily necessitating future visits to the same problem through creating a cycle of temporary repairs.

Unchecked leaking radiators can cause havoc over time with water damage to wood flooring or carpets. Water leaks can also ingress the substrate leaving damp areas of flooring that will create foul dampness odours and staining until fully dried out.  A continuous unchecked outpour of water from the radiator could cause extensive flooding far beyond the immediate localised area of the radiator should the leakage be immediately undetected or prolonged. The material damage could mean considerable expenditure on hiring dehumidifiers to dry out the flooded floors and to effect repairs and replacement of wood flooring or carpets. Ideally you are looking for a sealant product that is safe and effective and ticks all the positive criteria for an efficient solution. The question is – can you find a product that matches the ideal?

There is a perfect solution for curing a leak in a home heating radiator.

A scientifically created product, for effectively curing leaks in radiators, is now available to all consumers. C Tec, the home of a family of illustrious sealants and adhesives, has developed an amazing solution named ‘Miracle Seal’ manufactured specifically for the Construction Industry. This non-adhesive product with a unique formulation, works effectively in both open and closed systems and fixes leaks permanently without blocking the system – unlike polymer based solutions which have an adhesive component that can cause clogging. The soft particles in the solution do not negatively impact the working of the mechanical parts of the circulation pump so using miracle Seal in the system has no negative effects. The wonderful aspect of Miracle Seal is its ability to seal all small leaks anywhere in the heating system providing not only repairs to the obvious leak but also mitigating against any other potential weaknesses in the system. Trades people and DIY enthusiasts are wholeheartedly endorsing the product as the most effective leak cure they have found. A most compelling feature is its ability to preempt weaknesses in the system by sealing potential leak areas. Its unique formulation with its integral anti-corrosive components makes it an effective corrosion inhibitor for central heating systems. To apply the Miracle cure, shake the product well in its container before administering. A canister of Miracle Seal can be poured directly into your radiator or system header tank. It will provide direct contact with the leak location sealing the water leak completely. This multi purpose solvent for cracks and leaks is a revolutionary cure that will impress with its fast action and sealing efficiency saving time and potential radiator replacement.

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