How do I remove paint from a veranda’s wood support posts?

Removing paint from a veranda’s wood support posts is an essential prerequisite for applying a new coat of paint. Providing a clean dry surface will guarantee the successful application of a fresh repaint so it is imperative an effective solution is found to fulfil that task. As veranda support posts are exposed to the elements and play such an important role in maintaining and sustaining the lifetime expectation of your veranda it is vital that they are painted regularly to protect them against rot and degradation. A fresh coat of paint also upgrades their cosmetic appearance in keeping with their surroundings. Unfortunately there is a deficit in effective solutions with traditional paint removal methods proving unsafe and less than efficient. Solvents are harsh and harmful, can produce noxious vapours and in terms of removing paint can potentially cause material surface damage. Mechanical means including manual and electrical sanding are time consuming and produce irritating dust while heat treatment presents its own problem in the form of fumes and smoke which cause eye and respiratory irritation. The burning issue remains -is there an alternative solution, to which the answer is definitively – yes. A new revolutionary product has been recently developed to cover all the vital bases as a superbly effective product.

Help is at hand with a safe, new, efficient paint remover.

The paint removal climate has been transformed with C Tec’s new invention ‘Peel Tec’. It fulfils the criteria for a safe effective solution and is lauded as technically amazing by the Construction Industry for which it was specifically researched and developed. It joins the Company ‘Snag List Eliminator’ inventory of successful sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry with particular reference to the Painting and Decorating sector. Its efficacy has been avowed by a growing fan base of professional trades people who describe it as revolutionary. It comes in a handy aerosol design container with an automated nozzle that delivers the right amount of product to the exact target area. It reacts with the paint immediately transforming it into an easily removable residue and leaving a clinically clean surface ready for a coat of new paint. The veranda wood support posts after treatment will accept a smooth application of paint which will restore their cosmetic appearance and provide a protective covering against the ravages of extreme weather conditions. Peel Tec is the effective answer to the query “ How do I remove paint from a veranda’s wood support posts”. This new innovative solution is putting a smile on the metaphorical face of the Painting and Decorating business.

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