How do I remove paint from a child’s desk?

The answer to the question – How do I remove paint from a child’s desk? – has to be in finding the right paint removal product that is safe and effective. The safety pre-requisite must rate as the prime criteria for selecting a solution that is harmless and does not produce toxic vapours or fumes that could prove dangerous. The next big criteria has to be its efficiency in dissolving the paint quickly into a peel away residue that is easily scraped off the paint surface to leave a clean paint ready base that will receive a new smooth coat of paint. If we look at the traditional methods of removing paint none of them are completely safe and many have technical deficiencies which makes them time consuming, laborious and uneconomic solutions. When dealing with a child’s desk you have to ensure that the whole paint removal process is totally non toxic, so choosing the right product is paramount. The only point of reference you can work from is the selection of paint removal products at your disposal. Traditionally, the main methods of Heat Treatment, Solvent deployment and Mechanical use, all present their own individual technical issues but none are safe so that presents an immediate problem. Heat Treatment can cause material scorching or burning with resulting unhealthy fumes or smoke. Solvents are harsh and can damage the material surface as well as producing undesirable vapours that can be toxic. Mechanical methods, including manual and electric sanders, produces dust that irritates the eyes and respiratory system and proves to be a labour intensive process. That leaves us in a quandary as to what product to choose to remove the paint from the child’s desk. Thankfully we now have a resolution of this situation with the recent invention of an innovative and safe paint removal product from C Tec – a company producing sealants and adhesives for the Construction Industry. Their motto in developing this amazing solution ‘ Peel Tec’ is “Don’t burn it. Peel it!”

An amazing new paint remover gives you both safety and efficiency

Peel Tec joins an illustrious family of sealants and adhesives, developed specifically by C Tec for the Construction Industry. As the latest addition to The Snag List Eliminator inventory it rightfully takes its place as the next biggest innovation in paint removal and a favourite product being totally endorsed by the Paint and Decorating sector. Its growing popularity right across Europe is testament to its technical efficiency and safety credentials that are setting high standards in the paint removal business. From a safety perspective its formulation is Methyl Chloride free which instantly resonates with a safety conscious Paint and Decorating Trade and a wider consumer population who expect all consumer products to be safe. Acclaimed de facto as the painter’s handy mate of choice this incredible product is gaining traction as one of the most sought after trade products on the market. Peel Tec introduces a new era of effective and effortless removal of paint through a fast acting agent that dissolves the paint within ten minutes of application into a peel away residue that is easily removed with no mess, leaving a pristine surface that is receptive to a new smooth coat of paint which will restore the cosmetic integrity of the child’s desk. Thanks to its unique formulation the solution will not damage the substrate in any way. Delivered from an aerosol container, via a unique nozzle, the right amount of spray gel is directed to the desired location, getting to work at once and dissolving the layers of old paint within ten minutes. The versatility of the product means it works on practically every material with the same clinical efficiency leaving the surface ready for a new coat of paint. Its safe formulation also prevents any damage or scratching to the material surface so the finished paint job will not display any imperfections, flaws or unsightly paint runs. This unique paint removal product also reduces labour considerably which makes it a more economical, safe and effective choice.

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