How can you strip paint from metal Security Gates?

The task of stripping paint from metal Security Gates involves a process that requires an efficient and safe paint stripping product which literally does what it says on the tin. The solution should fulfil a set of criteria that covers both the technical and safety requirements of efficient paint removal. You therefore need to look for an easily applicable product that will dissolve the paint quickly to leave a residue that is easily peeled away to reveal a clinically clean surface, perfectly prepared for a coat of paint. That ideal however does not equate fully to reality where traditional methods of stripping paint from metal are unsafe and not entirely effective. Those methods include mechanical, producing eye stinging and respiratory tract irritating dust with the deployment of manual or power sanders. Another traditional method is heat treatment which is a  slow procedure and causes annoying fumes and smoke. A third method is solvents which can be very harsh and even caustic causing noxious vapours and fumes that are potentially damaging to operatives and third parties. Whilst all being unsafe they are also labour intensive and deficient in their technical ability to provide 100% satisfactory results. It is essential to find a paint stripping solution that fulfils all the criteria as an effective safe product, providing a well prepared surface for a new coat of paint.

The ideal paint stripper is at hand to remove paint from metal.

The long awaited product invention for stripping paint from metal has recently been released by C Tec. After intensive research, the Company has developed an innovative solution specifically designed for the Construction Industry. Peel Tec has been lauded as the most effective and safe paint stripping product to date, with accolades coming from the Painting and Decorating sector in particular, regarding its superior credentials. Stripping paint from metal Security Gates should now be a walk in the park for all painters to the trade. Gone are the tedious and unsafe methods of the past that required intensive labour and often repeat treatments. Peel Tec is ringing out the old and ringing in the new with a formulation that is not only very efficient but also Methyl Chloride free. It comes in a neat aerosol with a unique nozzle that allows precision application of the product in a spray gel structure. The solution dissolves paint to a peel away residue within ten minutes, leaving a perfectly clean surface for the application of a new coat of fresh paint. This unique product does its work without damaging or scratching accidentally the substrate so it receives the new paint smoothly with no surface compromise. In the words of C Tec’s latest mantra “Don’t burn it. Peel it!” This perfectly formulated solution ensures that you can strip paint safely and effectively from metal Security Gates.

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