How can I remove varnish from wooden deck chairs?

To answer the question – How can I remove varnish from wooden deck chairs? –  is to provide a fail safe method of doing so that does not really exist – at least up to the recent development of a product that fits the bill perfectly. There is a process or a number of procedures for removing varnish that have traditionally been laborious, time consuming, unsafe and generally less than effective. Trade painters remind us of the painstaking work of removing varnish from wooden deckchairs and how it falls short on both the technical and safety aspects. A frequently used means of removing paint is the heat treatment option. Deploying a blowtorch is a difficult process to control with overconcentration of focused heat on one spot causing scorching and even burning, producing eye stinging smoke and lung wrenching fumes. Prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage to the respiratory system. Use of Solvents  which is a harsh method can produce noxious vapours and fumes that can also burn, sting eyes and cause respiratory problems. Mechanical means such as sanding, both manual and electrical, produces dust clouds which can cause breathing problems and sore eyes. None are either safe or efficient and require more than one application. The whole process of removing varnish has been unclear and inefficient until now, with the discovery of a revolutionary method that includes all the positive aspects of an excellent varnish removal solution.

New varnish removal product is effective, fast and safe.

You can now avail of a proficient varnish removal solution that ticks all the positive boxes whilst also being safe. C Tec’s revolutionary invention offers a varnish removal formulation that is effective and safe – two criteria that resonates with painters who have long awaited a bright new product to carry out the varnish removal task efficiently with no inherent dangers. Peel-Tec has been researched for some time so it is with great celebration that they have managed to develop a formulation that is specifically designed for the Construction Industry and joins the C Tec Snag Eliminator List as another worthy product to add to the inventory of successful adhesives and sealants. This magical product is taking the painting sector in the Uk, Ireland and Europe by storm as a must have Decorator and Painter’s mate – always at hand to remove on demand varnish and paint from multiple materials, as the need arises.  C Tec’s product mantra – “Don’t burn it. Peel it!” succinctly defines the characteristics of this innovative paint and varnish remover.  The formulation, which is Methyl Chloride free, dissolves the paint within ten minutes of application leaving a peel away residue which on removal, reveals a clinically clean surface for a new coat  of varnish. This versatile solution takes the labour and lengthy procedure out of removing varnish from wooden deck chairs.

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