How can I remove varnish from a wooden veranda floor?

There are a number of paint removal solutions that have been used traditionally but unfortunately none are either safe or totally efficient. If you apply certain criteria as a benchmark for the ideal varnish remover then that is the standard of product you need to find to perform the task satisfactorily. The real deal should be easily applicable, perform the varnish dissolution with no perceptible scratching or damage to the surface leaving it clinically clean to receive a smooth coat of new paint. It is this challenge of getting rid of the varnish that presents the greatest difficulty. The re-varnishing operation is usually a smooth procedure as long as the surface accepts a new covering with no collateral damage inflicted by the chosen method . The paint removal is a delicate operation requiring the right product to do the job. A veranda floor which may be partially or fully exposed to the weather extremes needs maintenance to ensure its longevity and attractive outward appearance. It may also incur wear and tear from frequent footfall and might require minor repairs to enhance its integrity. Traditional methods of removing paint are not completely satisfactory from a practical and safety perspective. Mechanical means such as electrical or manual sanding is a slow process and  presents the problem of producing dust that irritates the eyes and airways. Solvents are hard and can damage the substrate of a veranda floor as well as emitting unpleasant or even noxious vapours and Heat treatment which is a laborious and tedious procedure produces fumes and smoke that are also an irritant to eyes and the respiratory system. This necessitates searching for an alternative workable method of paint removal.

A new, safe and effective varnish removal solution is available.

Every cloud has a silver lining and the conundrum of how best to remove varnish from a wooden veranda floor now has a fail safe solution. C Tec a major contributor of sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry has researched and developed a revolutionary varnish removal product that meets the full criteria for an efficient safe solution. It is first and foremost a recognised safe product with a formulation that is Methyl Chloride free. Technically it covers all the bases including easy application as a spray gel structure with the unique automated nozzle on the aerosol container delivering the right amount of product to the exact surface area. The formulation reacts at once with the paint producing a peel away residue within ten minutes of application and the veranda floor is left clinically clean and undamaged to receive a fresh coat of varnish that will preserve the wood and give it a more resplendent appearance. Peel Tec is the ideal solution for removing varnish from a wooden veranda floor and meets all the criteria of a safe and efficient varnish removing solution.

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