Heavy Duty Glue Heavy Duty Adhesive

There are not many adhesives on the market that can really hold the description of a heavy duty adhesive. The purpose requires an ultra-strong formulation that is able to adhere to even the most difficult of materials in a variety of applications. Of course, the phrase “heavy duty” will mean different things depending on your individual interpretation of a heavy duty glue. The question then arises, what fulfils the criteria of heavy duty adhesive?

There really are only two glue types that will perform as a strong bond and proclaim to be a heavy duty adhesive. These are the two component epoxies and the polyurethanes. Epoxies, even though they will create a stronger bond than Cyanoacrylate, (and can achieve bond strengths of up to 170N/CM²), they have many disadvantages that would not fulfil the criteria as a heavy duty glue.

The two components have to be mixed in exactly the right proportions otherwise the adhesive will not cure. A heavy duty adhesive should retain flexibility, which both glue type’s lack. Aspects governing the necessity of a heavy duty adhesive are; tensile force on the materials to be bonded, excess vibration and sheer and peel strain. When these elements far exceed the norm where a P.V.A or Cyanoacrylate will not suffice, then a heavy duty adhesive is required.

The epoxies and polyurethanes will fulfil the above demands but only in limited circumstances. For example, these types of glues will not bond various materials together and are incredibly slow to cure, (48 hours in some applications). These are all references to horizontal bonding but the real challenge is when the adhesives are faces with a vertical bonding application involving some serious heavy duty. The proclaimed heavy duty glues or adhesives available cannot cope with when it comes to vertical bonding is the fact that the materials are often too heavy (weighs over 8/9 kg). In these circumstances, heavy duty glues have to be supported and clamped for at least 24 hours.

We at C-Tec, the creators of CT1 branded product have developed the best heavy duty adhesive available – Power Grab ‘n’ Bond. This amazing glue is truly ahead of its time with a “have to see to believe” reaction to its formidable instant grab, even on vertical surfaces. This heavy duty glue, which is based on our CT1 formulation will replace mechanical fixings such as ties and anchor bolts. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is capable of bonding materials with weights up to 25kg on vertical surfaces with immediate grab and adhesion and with no sliding, eliminating the conventional method of attaching supports.

The applications for this incredible heavy duty adhesive are endless and the labour saving time is considerable. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond in the essence of a heavy duty adhesive will successfully bond metal, wood, stone, glass, fibreglass and most plastics. These materials can also be bonded in any combination.



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