Graffiti Removal Tips & Tricks from The Experts

How can you remove graffiti in the least amount of time and with the least amount of hassle?

Experts within the industry have shared their top tips and tricks for graffiti removal. However, as we went through all of their top tips for removing graffiti, we noticed that most of the experts that shared their thoughts on the matter recommended the same product. This product has revolutionised the industry and has made graffiti removal very simple compared to conventional methods.

So, what is this graffiti removal product that’s got all of the experts talking? Keep reading to find out!


What do experts say about conventional graffiti removers?

Before we reveal what the number one recommended graffiti removal product is, let’s take some time to educate ourselves on conventional graffiti removers. You see, many of these traditional tactics to remove graffiti are actually very harmful to not only you as the applicator, but the base material too. Many conventional methods use heat to remove the graffiti, which is dangerous for obvious reasons. Plus, heat can really damage the base material of the surface beneath the paint, which can take even more time and money to repair.

Another classic method to remove graffiti is with a power wash using a high-pressure water system. This method involves blasting graffiti with fast and powerful water. Whilst this is a great method to clean old floors and walls, etc., it comes with a string of problems when used to remove graffiti. Mainly, this type of graffiti removal method causes serious damage to the base material. Many materials aren’t built to withstand this type of pressure, so when you use a high-pressure system to try to remove graffiti from such surfaces, it results in a lot of damage and possible corrosion.


Remove Graffiti Paint Safely!

When it comes to removing graffiti safely and effectively, experts recommend one product only and that’s Peel Tec from C-Tec. Experts have called Peel Tec a ‘game-changer’ in the industry because of how effective it is at removing graffiti without damaging the base material. Before Peel Tec, experts had to take extreme measures to clean graffiti. Now, they can get the entire job done with one product that won’t damage the surface, harm the environment, or cost a fortune.

Peel Tec is so easy to use because it comes in a handy aerosol. It has a gel structure that’s very effective at removing paint, varnish, and graffiti. You usually just need to apply Peel Tec once for excellent results. However, if you are trying to remove old graffiti that has aged, you may need to repeat the process.

Experts recommend Peel Tec as the ultimate graffiti remover because it gets to work and peels paint away in less than ten minutes. This is an incredible accomplishment for a graffiti remover because it will reduce labour considerably. Plus, it contains no dangerous chemicals such as methyl chloride and it will not cause any accidental scratching.

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