Fix a leaking gutter

For several years, people have had to struggle with the costly annoyance of a Leaking Gutter. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to fix a leaking gutter. What product will work? How is it applied? Etc. Questions such as these are just a few examples of the thoughts that run through our heads when we are faced with a guttering that is leaking. But one of the first is probably, why does a gutter leak in the first place?

There are two main types of gutters. P.V.C gutters and Cast Iron gutters. Both of these gutter types are assembled in sections with a rubber seal ring to prevent leakages. However, over time and element exposure, the rubber seal starts to distort and degrade. As a result, homeowners are faced with a leaking gutter and forces to ask frequent asked questions such as “How do I fix a Leaking Gutter”?

The traditional method is try to seal the joint with a conventional silicone sealant. However, what many people fail to understand is that silicone sealants are not a remedy to fix this, WHY? Firstly, the surface has to be completely dry before application because silicone will not adhere to a wet surface. Secondly, if the surface is dry and the silicone has been applied, the repair is short lived as the solvent in the silicone will evaporate causing shrinkage. This evaporation is triggered by exposure to the elements, particularly with the sun and U.V, which brings us to the third reason. The silicone will be attacked by U.V. and the elements losing its elasticity and resulting in a Leaking gutter.

The tried and tested solution to permanently fix this is the one and only CT1 Unique Sealant and Construction Adhesive. With its unique ability to seal perfectly in the wet and the fact that it works even underwater proves that CT1 is the only sealant powerful enough to tackle leaking gutters for good. CT1 has exceptional adhesion capabilities, especially to plastic and metal. This is perfect for fixing a leaking gutter because a bond will be made that will not loosen over time. In addition to this, it stays flexible without effecting the seal or adhesion of the joint.

Being able to accommodate movement is important because gutters experience a good amount of wear and tear. Particularly in stormy weather, you will need a strong sealant that provides permanent leakage fixes. Having a tub of CT1 handy in your toolbox means that whenever disaster strikes and a leak occurs anywhere inside or outside of the home, you have the quick and powerful bonding solution.

How do I fix a Leaking Gutter?

Simply have a cartridge of CT1 in hand, point and apply the product where needed. Thanks to its thin nozzle, you will have precise and accurate precision during application. For a less time consuming solution and a water resistant solution, there is no better option than CT1 The Snag List Eliminator.


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