Finding the most efficient paint removal solution

Finding the most efficient paint removal solution requires an investigative approach into discovering what paint removal product currently on the market ticks all the relevant boxes in getting the job done safely, effectively and quickly. There are a variety of traditional paint removal methods that have been available for a considerable time but unfortunately none are completely safe and some are not technically proficient in accomplishing the task when set against the requisite criteria and desired outcomes. The desired objective is to achieve a clean paint ready material surface with as little effort as possible in a fast safe manner. The ideal paint removal product should enable an effective process that ticks all the boxes. Traditional methods are not entirely safe and do not fulfill all the criteria of a fail safe product. For example there are three widely used means of paint removal available to the Paint and Decorating Trade. Firstly, Heat Treatment has been to the fore but it is a slow labour intensive process that can burn the material surface and create smoke emissions which are unpleasant and can cause respiratory problems and stinging eyes. Then there is the mechanical option with manual or powered sanding equipment. This is also a tedious process that produces unsafe emissions of dust that create respiratory issues and induce eye irritation. Thirdly there is the solvent method to remove paint. This is a more controversial method as it is not safe and produces toxic vapours that can be a safety risk. Solvents can damage the base material so care is required to ensure the particular solvent is safe from that perspective. Finding the most efficient paint removal solution was a problematic issue until C Tec developed an amazing solution that meets all the criteria for a safe, effective, fast acting paint removal product.

An amazing new paint remover has been invented recently.

Peel Tec is the result of an intensive period of research and development into producing a safe, effective, fast acting formulation that dissolves the paint into a peel away residue leaving a well prepared material surface for a new coat of paint. From a safety perspective the solution is Methyl Chloride free which makes it an automatic hit with a safety conscious consumer population. It was developed specially for the Construction Industry and has won the acclaim of the Paint and Decorating sector in particular as an incredible paint removal solution. Peel Tec is practically fail safe and its efficiency in getting the job done is endorsed by an ever growing number of distributors and trades people across Europe. In fact it is fast becoming the painter’s handy mate de rigueur such is the universal impact it is having on the Construction Industry. It removes paint from multiple surfaces in an effortless manner saving time and labour normally expended on other paint removal methods. It says goodbye to those tedious and unsafe methods and provides an application that is easy to use from a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle, delivering the right amount of product onto any given surface. Within ten minutes of contact with the paint surface the paint simply peels away to reveal a pristine material base that is thoroughly prepared for a new coat of paint. The product is Methyl Chloride free which resonates deeply with a safety conscious consumer public and it neither produces toxic vapours nor causes any damage the substrate. This magical compelling product joins C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator inventory of successful adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry as another successful story in the making.

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