Everything you need to know about CT1’s New TRIBRID® Technology

CT1 has entered a new era of sealants with its new and improved TRIBRID® technology. After 15 years of providing the construction industry with outstanding quality service with the hybrid polymer formulation of CT1, we’ve reinvented and improved CT1’s power with its new TRIBRID® technology.

As a multipurpose sealant and adhesive, CT1 has always led the way when it comes to heavy-duty adhesives and powerful sealants. However, throughout the years, C-Tec’s research and development team worked tirelessly to bring the latest technology in sealants and adhesives to the building industry – CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology! Here’s everything you need to know about the new and improved CT1 TRIBRID® technology:


It’s the healthiest option!

What makes CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology so remarkable is its ability to prevent and resist mould and fungal infestation. It can combat all bacteria, even in environments where such microbes thrive such as bathrooms, clinics, and hospitals. It’s the ideal sanitaryware product for use in public health institutions and therefore makes it easier to maintain a healthy and hygienic surface.

CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology is so powerful at repelling bacteria that it has been accredited with approval by the NAAF (The Norwegian Asthma and allergy association). This is an achievement worth celebrating since no other sealant or adhesive has been acknowledged for its ability to help reduce asthma symptoms and allergies in the home. Most sealants will prove susceptible to bacterial infestation, which leads to mould growth and other microbes breeding on its surface. With CT1’s new TRIBRID® polymer formulation, you can have peace of mind knowing that it has the unique resistance to mould, bacteria, and fungal infestation.


Better, bigger and stronger!

As unbelievable as it may be, the latest development to CT1’s formula has made it stronger, bigger and better. It’s scientifically enhanced and has been tested in every possible way. The results have revealed CT1 to outperform all other sealants and adhesives including silicone sealants, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, and butyl rubber sealants (to name a few).

Since introducing the new TRIBRID® technology to CT1’s already powerful performance capabilities, CT1 has become even stronger, increasing its tensile strength to 300 N/cm². On top of this, CT1 will hold its original colour for much longer. So, you won’t need to worry about it turning yellow over time, which is a common problem with regular sealants and adhesives. With its powerful strength, CT1 can bond even the most difficult substrates including stone, concrete, tiles, glass, wood and even polyethene.

With over 25 accreditations to its name, it’s no surprise that CT1 is the product that the professional tradesperson uses. Whether you’re a contractor, site manager, project officer, architect or an everyday home user, this new TRIBRID® CT1 is perfect for anyone and can be used in any application.


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