Degreasing and Cleaning Mechanical Parts of a Vehicle

Cleaning mechanical parts of a vehicle such as the motor, brakes and suspension, usually takes a lot of work and patience. Over time, grease, grime and various stains accumulate in, on and around the mechanical parts of your car – creating a lot of heavy duty cleaning work to be done!

There are plenty of cleaning options available on the market but these options are usually inadequate for the job at hand. In addition to their poor performance, you are usually required to purchase a range of different cleaners and degreasers for various jobs and parts of the car.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have one single mechanical cleaner that can clean various sections and in less than half the time it takes any other degreaser? Well, the impossible has been made possible thanks to C-Tec’s Multisolve. This product acts as a multi-purpose solvent that removes tar, grease and oil from mechanical parts of any vehicle. Whether you need to clean machinery, engines or the brakes in your car – Multisolve is the tool for the job!

Simply spray this specially made formula onto the desired surface, wait for a few short minutes and then take your nearest cloth and wipe away all signs of grime and grease. This is also a great option for cleaning motorbikes, which can get dirty very easily.

Tar is usually difficult to remove because it is a heavy mix of hydrocarbons and free carbon, created from substances such as coal, peat, wood or petroleum. Removing this black sticky substance from car parts has proved difficult in the past, but Multisolve will remove even this stubborn deposit. Simply spray the Multisolve onto the area and in less than 3 minutes, the tar will begin to dissolve and detach from the base material. This leaves the tar ready for easy removal with a cloth, providing you with spotless clean mechanicals in no time.

Other degreasers require multiple applications and numerous coats to even slightly budge the tar from the surface area. Usually, they also require that you rinse with a water mist. In addition, the grease will only be removed the easiest when it is both warm and soft. However, Multisolve does not require all of this unnecessary fuss. It gets to work within minutes, no matter how warm the grease is or isn’t. You can safely use Multisolve to degrease and clean numerous mechanical parts such as the motor, suspension and brakes. You can also use it to spruce up the tools in your workshop as it does not attack the base material.

To remove stains, grease, oil and tar from machinery and mechanical parts of your vehicle, look no further than CT1 Multisolve – Mechanical Cleaner and Degreaser.


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