CT1’s NEW TRIBRID® Technology Wins Sealant & Adhesive of the year

CT1, also known as The Snag List Eliminator, is a construction sealant and adhesive like no other. With over 25 certificates and accreditations to its name, its strength and versatility have been tested and proven over and over again. Not to mention it’s been awarded certifications such as EC1 (Very Low Emission), which is a credit that’s hard to come by in the sealant and adhesive industry. It’s no surprise then, that CT1 has reigned when it comes to construction sealants and adhesives for a very long time. However, now that it’s been revitalised with our new TRIBRID® Technology, CT1 is better, stronger and more powerful than ever. Say goodbye to mould and fungal growth and hello to the future of anti-bacterial sealants as CT1’s new TRIBRID® Technology makes it the BEST sealant and adhesive not just of the year, but of this last decade.

You’re probably wondering how this new and improved CT1 differs from the one before it. Wasn’t it already a fantastic sealant, after all? Well, you’re right. CT1’s strength and power were undisputed in the industry and contractors, site managers, project officers, specifiers and architects from all over the world demanded that CT1 be labelled a must for any job. However, copycats tried to replicate CT1’s original hybrid formula. They were unsuccessful but still advertised their product as having the unique hybrid polymer that only exists in CT1.

So, our research and development team worked tirelessly to improve the existing formula to create a new and improved CT1. A CT1 that could not be replicated in any way, shape or form. Thus, the new and improved CT1 with TRIBRID® Technology was born and with it, the future of the construction industry. The new TRIBRID® Technology has equipped CT1 with the unique ability to repel and prevent bacterial growth. No more black spots on your sealant. No more mould growing in the shower or on the walls of your bathroom. And, no more health risks!

The very prestigious NAAF (The Norwegian Asthma and allergy association) has accredited CT1 with their stamp of approval. CT1 is the first and only sealant and adhesive in the world to be awarded this label. It’s a very significant accomplishment because the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association are one of the world’s leading authoritative bodies on what causes and reduces asthma and allergy in the home. For them to credit CT1’s new TRIBRID® Technology formula with such an important credit proves that they believe in its performance and ability to help reduce allergies, asthma and other symptoms in the home.

Most sealants cannot repel bacteria, which forms a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply and lead to a variety of health issues. With CT1’s new TRIBRID® formula, you’re guaranteed not only a super strong bond, but a bacteria and mould resistant sealant that’s perfect for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, site managers, contractors, project officers, architects and for ALL jobs.

To learn more about CT1’s NEW TRIBRID® formula and our latest product, which has revolutionised bathroom sealants and adhesives, visit BT1’s product page.


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