CT1 works in wet and even underwater

CT1 is the ultimate product for instant sealing in wet conditions. It can be used not only on wet surfaces such as showers and baths, but it can also be used when completely submerged underwater. This remarkable sealant is made up of a unique hybrid formula which gives it the bonding powers of a sealant, adhesive and filler – all in one!

For jobs that require a water resistant adhesive, there’s no better option than CT1 The Snag List Eliminator. Where other sealants fail, CT1 succeeds. You can use this fantastic sealant to seal things such as swimming pool tiles or to repair leaks in showers, baths, swimming pools, ponds, conservatory’s and yes, even boats. In fact, not many sailors will head out to sea without a cartridge of CT1 in their toolbox. This waterproof sealant is just as important as a life jacket when it comes to sailing the seven seas!

If you have a garden pond and you’ve noticed cracks are forming, or perhaps there is a leak, CT1 is the tool for the job. Unlike when using other silicone based sealants, where you would be required to drain the swimming pool or pond before application, CT1 allows you to simply point and apply underneath the water. This not only saves you a great deal of time, but it also saves you money. Instead of buying a cheap and useless alternative, investing in this product means having a lifetime of no leaking ponds, pools or roofs. Once the job is done, it stays done. You will never have to return to the same leaking problem months down the line.

CT1 works so well underwater that you don’t have to worry about drying the area before application. Usually, you would have to find the cause of the leakage and wait until it has completely dried before applying sealant. This is a major annoyance because the leak will only get worse with time and you could be waiting for days for the area to completely dry. With CT1, once you’ve spotted the leak you do not have to wait for it to dry. This formula will seal anything, anywhere – even underwater.

Another great advantage of using this incredible sealant is the fact that it is bacterial and fungal resistant. This means that bacteria cannot breed on its surface, thus eliminating the possibility of mould growing in or around the area. This is great news for homeowners, especially when it comes for use in damp and moist conditions. You can seal bathroom tiles, mirrors and fix leaks with CT1. Most sealants tend to cause mould, but CT1’s unique ability to withstand damp conditions makes it the perfect bonding solution for bathrooms. Seal leaking showers, sinks, baths, gutters and windows without having to worry about the aftermath. This sealant is also 100% odourless, making it ideal for use in the home as it will not trigger any breathing difficulties or allergies etc.

When it comes to underwater sealants, CT1 is KING.


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