CT1: The Ultimate Roof Sealant

CT1 is a revolutionary sealant and adhesive that is a tough, resilient roof sealant. This is due to CT1s unique formulation of a hybrid polymer which is unlike any other roof sealant. Roofs in general are prone to leaks largely due to exposure to change in weather and temperature. The conventional roof sealants are typically silicone based and these sealants have a very short life. This is due to a few factors like a large content of solvent within the silicone sealant this will result in the silicone starting to shrink.

The adhesion of a silicone sealant on materials such as lead, roofing felt and brick is quite poor. Therefore using silicone sealant as a roofing sealant is not a good choice. Silicone sealant does not have a good resistance to adverse weather conditions and will eventually break down. A better choice of roof sealant would be butyl rubber sealants these have a very good adhesion and hold out longer against weathering, but in warmer conditions start to become brittle and start to crack resulting in leaks.

CT1 as a roof sealant has none of these disadvantages. CT1 has a formidable adhesion and will bond to almost all roofing materials. CT1 can be applied onto a wet surface, actually even under water. CT1 will seal and bond lead flashing onto brick. CT1 is perfect and will give a premium result in the pitch of the roof in sealing slates and roofing felt. Normally the base materials have to be dry when applying conventional roof sealants CT1 will still seal and bond onto wet lead.

CT1 roof sealant will remain flexible and as the materials start to move CT1 will move with them. CT1 roof sealant is excellent for sealing leaking gutters. Before applying CT1 it is advantageous to clean the roofing material. Our CT1 Multisolve is fantastic for this and for removing moss, tar, bitumen and old silicone sealant.  CT1 roof sealant is available in several different colours including black and grey. CT1 is also now available in a handy dispenser for hard to reach areas without the need for a caulking gun.




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