CT1 Sealant – All Purpose Flexible Sealant to Accommodate Movement

Defining a high-performance sealant means testing its ability to accommodate movement in order to determine its durability and level of performance. CT1 Sealant certainly delivers in this area and it is considered to be the highest performing sealant, filler and adhesive in the entire market. This all-purpose flexible sealant out performs the rest, leaving them completely redundant. CT1 Sealant has been leading the market since its much anticipated release back in 2005. Through a great deal of intense research and development, CT1’s Sealant is able to deliver in areas previously unreachable by other, less advanced sealants and fillers. With its hybrid formulation that contains no chemicals in its makeup, CT1 Sealant has earned its high reputation as being the one and only Snag List Eliminator.

Factors that Contribute to CT1’s Flexibility
CT1’s ultimate flexible sealant can expand and contract without putting the quality and performance of the sealant at risk. It ensures that adhesion from the surface is not lost, despite heavy movement. This is due to the fact that CT1’s Sealant has been formulated for higher movement capability, remaining flexible in all situations with help from its ability to withstand an elongation break of 350%. It accommodates movement and resists extreme pressure and loads in order to develop a formidable and lasting bond with any material, remaining permanently intact and flexible.

A high quality sealant should not sag or drop when applied to a material. CT1 refuses to sag, even underwater. It can be piled up into a mountain with a depth of 50mm. It has a high resistance to vibration which emphasizes its aptitude for dealing with lots of movement, even fast-paced and bumpy movement cannot threaten the performance of CT1’s flexible sealant. As a universal adhesive, this sealant does not attack synthetic material and its unique flexibility ensures a lifetime of high performance as the ultimate sealant.

CT1’s Sealant Performance
CT1 Sealant will successfully bond with practically every material including metals, wood, plastics, glass, mirrors, concrete, tiles, stones and fibreglass etc. Having such a wide range of potential bonding materials means that CT1’s flexible sealant is suited for all necessary bonding and sealing jobs. It is easy to spread and with such a thin nozzle, application couldn’t be simpler. This allows users, both domestic and tradesmen alike, to be able to reach the more difficult areas in which CT1’s sealant is required to perform. Because it is a sealant that is more than capable to withstand heavy movement, it is ideal for times when movement is to be expected such as with gutters and boats.

Most silicone based sealants ensure their customers that they are extremely flexible and ideal for common domestic uses such as sealing gutter leaks. However, this type of sealant comes with very high solvent content which will only evaporate, resulting in a sealant that has shrunk so much that the leak has returned worse than ever. CT1’s No.1 Sealant has a tough bonding strength of 270 n/cm2 and does not shrink or crack, creating the perfect bonding situation that fixes the problem permanently.


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