CT1 Premium Fish Pond Sealant

Fish pond Sealants are not abundantly available due to the difficulty and yet sensitive nature of their application. A Pond Sealant should first and foremost be safe for the fish and at the same time be able to seal and bond. Silicone Sealants have been tried as Fish Pond Sealants and failed miserably. Why? When silicone sealant is in continued exposure to water it will break down! Silicone Sealants contain a large amount of solvents which can have a very detrimental effect on the fish. There are several other reasons why Silicone Sealants will not suffice as a Fish Pond Sealant. Other Sealants like P.V have a good resistance to continual water but lack good adhesion to pond liners. These P.V sealants also contain solvents. The Ultimate Fish Pond Sealant is the unique CT1 Sealant and construction adhesive. CT1 is a unique sealant development with a hybrid polymer formulation. CT1 Sealant contains no solvents and actually is V.O.C free. As a result of this CT1 conforms to international food regulations. We can say with confidence that CT1 is the only Fish Pond Sealant on the market that has a food safe certificate. So CT1 Fish Pond Sealant is exceptionally safe for fish. CT1 Sealant can be applied onto wet surfaces even under water. This is a huge advantage when a remedial repair in the Fish Pond is required. CT1 will not shrink and remains flexible and has a formidable adhesion. CT1 Fish Pond Sealant will also perform as an extra strong adhesive and will structurally bond a multitude of materials such as rubber pond liners, stone, concrete, wood, plastic and them in any combination. CT1 Pond Sealant is fantastic for sealing around pumps or underwater lights. CT1 Fish Pond sealant can also be used for hundreds of additional applications in the garden such as sealing gutters, bond patio slabs, the uses are endless.

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