CT1 Is Crowned World’s Greatest Sealant Thanks to New TRIBRID® Technology

CT1 has undergone an incredible transformation to bring you a bigger, better and more powerful sealant for any application. Its new TRIBRID® technology has placed it firmly at the top of the world’s greatest sealant list, reaffirming its reputation as the Snag List Eliminator. Demand for quality sealants is at an all-time high, which is why we’ve created an even better sealant for all of the contractors, site managers, project officers, specifiers and architects who swear by our product.

CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology means that bacteria and mould cannot develop on its surface, making CT1 the healthiest construction sealant on the market. It has a very low carbon print and one cartridge goes a very long way, helping to reduce the amount of waste produced. CT1’s cartridges are recyclable too, making it the best choice for anyone conscious about the role their sealant plays in the environment. By choosing CT1 as your primary sealant and adhesive, you’re guaranteed an exceptional product that works in both wet and dry conditions, resists bacteria and provides an ultra-strong bond.

What made CT1 so famous before this new technology was introduced was its hybrid formula. Nothing like it was ever seen on the market before and people couldn’t believe how well it worked. However, our research and development team wanted to take things even further and got to work to create a unique TRIBRID® formulation. This TRIBRID® technology ensured that CT1’s power and strength would remain forever undefeated. No competitors have or will ever be able to match CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology, making it the world’s greatest sealant – case closed.

This new and improved formula means that CT1 holds its original colour for much longer. Its strength has increased to 300 N/cm² and it can even bond difficult substrates that were impossible before such as polyethene. On top of this, it’s UV resistant, making it a perfect outdoor sealant. It contains no solvents or isocyanates, has unique flexibility and can even be used in salt-water environments.

CT1 has over 25 accreditations to back its incredible power and reliability. This includes being EC1 Plus Certified A+ Indoor Air Comfort GOLD®, ISEGA certified and approved by NAAF (Norwegian Asthma Allergy Foundation). The NAAF is particularly impressive as CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology has granted it with the nod of approval from a foundation dedicated to helping reduce the causes of asthma and allergies within the home. No other sealant, from any corner of the earth, has received such recognition and classification as CT1.

CT1 has been used in countless applications from home use to the construction industry to some of the UK’s most iconic landmarks. This includes Diana’s Memorial Fountain, the Olympic Village, the London Eye, the Connaught Hotel and many more. Thanks to C-Tec’s determination to keep improving its formula, the world’s bonding problems have ceased to exist. CT1 is the sealant and adhesive for ALL jobs, whether you want to fix a leak in the gutter, bond wood to metal or seal lead flashing, CT1 can be used for any job, big or small.


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