Chewing Gum Removal

Instead of spending hours on end scrubbing chewing gum, it is a better idea to opt for a chewing gum remover such as CT1 Multisolve. This product makes the others on the market redundant, even those that are task specific to chewing gum removal. This is because instead of simply focusing on the sole removal of one type of adhesive, Multisolve is a versatile product that is able to remove multiple types of adhesives and sealants, no matter how sticky or seemingly difficult they are to remove.

Multisolve is fantastic for de-activating the bond of Chewing Gum without damage to the surrounding material. Most market solvents contain dangerous chemicals that use a burning motion to remove difficult adhesives such as chewing gum. Whilst the burning method works to pry and detach adhesives, it will also damage the base material and even discolour it etc. Unlike these solvents, CT1 Multisolve is a unique formulation of hydro carbon aliphatic solvents that are non-aggressive to the user or the base material. This makes Multisolve completely safe to use and the ideal tool for removing chewing gum!

Multisolve is equally fantastic for removing silicone, tar, wax, adhesives, sticky labels and a multitude of tenacious deposits. So you don’t just have a Chewing Gum Remover but also a Glue Remover, Wax Remover, Silicone Remover, Bird Dropping Remover, Ink Remover, Tar Remover and a Sticky Label Remover. So it makes perfect sense not to buy a product just to Remove Chewing Gum when you can have a product to remove a whole host of deposits.

CT1 Multisolve does not use the conventional solvents method of “burning” the Chewing Gum away but by detaching the molecules of Chewing Gum from the surrounding material – thus making CT1 Multisolve the Ultimate Chewing Gum Remover.

Due to Multisolves unique capabilities, it is also safe to use with the majority of plastics and others such as vinyl, glass and on painted surfaces. As mentioned above, Multisolve can be used in a wide range of applications such as cleaning tools and workshop equipment or degreasing mechanical parts including the brakes, motor and the suspension. Cleaning such areas usually takes a lot of time, elbow grease and dozens of cleaning equipment. However, CT1 Multisolve is all that is needed to properly degrease and clean such materials without leaving any oily film behind in its tracks.

CT1 Multisolve can remove chewing gum from any surface. How many times have you had to pry chewing gum from underneath a table or chair? Spraying our solvent onto the gum and leaving it to set for a few minutes will completely detach from the base material without any fuss. It will also work in the same way to remove chewing gum from carpets, car seats and wood etc.


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