Central Heating Leak Repair: How to Seal Pipes & Joints

The central heating system is a vital part of any home and building. So, what happens when there’s a leak? A leaking central heating system can be a frustrating problem to tackle, especially if you don’t know anything about C-Tec’s revolutionary sealant – Miracle Seal. Miracle Seal forms water-tight seals in no time and acts as the perfect solution to central heating leaks in the pipes and joints. Before we get into how to seal pipes and joints in your central heating system, it’s worth knowing how these leaks happen in the first place.


Causes of central heating leaks

Chemical corrosion is a common cause of central heating leaks, whereby an acidic solution formed by the crystallisation process (whereby the constantly heated and cooled water in the system strips the zinc from the copper pipes), attacks the weaker parts of the system – which is usually the pipe joints.

Some other causes of leaks in your central heating system include general wear and tear over time, a worn seal, and poor jointing. If there was a recent freeze, this can contribute to a leak during the thawing process. Whatever the case, sealing a leaking central heating pipe, fitting, or joint is easy when you’ve got Miracle Seal to do all of the hard work for you.


What is Miracle Seal?

Miracle Seal was designed and developed by the innovative minds behind CT1, the world’s number one sealant and adhesive. Its developers realised that the world needed a new leak sealant that could form water-tight seals without clogging the system and thus, Miracle Seal was born. Miracle Seal effectively seals water leaks throughout the heating system without causing any blockage. Its non-adhesive based, which means it will never clog the system, something that other polymer-based sealants find impossible to achieve.

Miracle Seal is water-based and contains anti-corrosion and lubricating additives. It seals central heating systems instantly and in case of minor leaks, the repair can be permanent. You can use Miracle Seal for both domestic and commercial applications beyond central heating systems such as underfloor heating systems, solar panels, engine blocks, gaskets, radiators, to name a few.


Sealing pipes and joints with Miracle Seal

You can expect nothing but a miracle when you use Miracle Seal to cure water leaks in your central heating system. For small leaks in the joints and pipes, you can apply Miracle Seal directly into the pipework. Larger leaks will require more product to seal the leak. It works well with both metal, copper, and even plastic pipes. One of the best advantages of using this sealant to repair a central heating leak is its ability to seal stubborn leaks without clogging the system.

If you need to repair a leak in a heating system in commercial, automotive, or industrial situations, Miracle Seal is ideal. It’s a versatile sealant with a unique formulation, making it the most powerful corrosion inhibitor available for repairing leaks in central heating systems.


See Miracle Seal in action by watching our video over on our main product page.


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