C-Tec Replaces CT1 Hybrid Formulation with even more powerful TRIBRID® Technology

We have an exciting update to share with you and that’s the news that CT1’s Hybrid formulation has been replaced with a bigger, better and even more powerful TRIBRID® Technology. The building industry has needed a more powerful construction sealant for some time and while CT1’s original Hybrid polymer proved to be the leading sealant on the market, it wasn’t long before copycat competitors attempted to mimic CT1’s unique formula. However, what nobody saw coming was the release of the industry-changing TRIBRID® Technology from CT1 that would signify a new era of sealants and adhesives for the building industry.


Why CT1’s TRIBRID® Technology was created

CT1 was already so effective and efficient that you might be wondering why we decided to improve it further with this new TRIBRID® Technology. Well, the answer is simple. We always want the best for our customers and our dedicated research and development team knew that we could make CT1 even better. In doing so, we can separate our product from the copycats and set a new, higher standard of sealant performance that no other sealant or adhesive can ever hope to reach. So, CT1’s new TRIBRID® Technology was born and the future of construction sealants and adhesives is finally here.


What does the new TRIBRID® Technology mean for CT1?

CT1 has always led the way in research and development and replacing CT1’s Hybrid formulation with the even more powerful TRIBRID® technology has put CT1 at the top of the leader board for construction sealants and adhesives. This technology has created a scientifically enhanced product that no architect, builder or tradesperson has ever worked with before. But the question remains, how has the new TRIBRID® technology impacted CT1?

Well, CT1 is bigger, better and stronger than ever. The new TRIBRID® technology means that CT1 has the ability to not only resist bacteria but to prevent it from ever taking root in the first place. The technology has been widely acclaimed by many companies including the very prestigious NAAF (The Norwegian Asthma and allergy association).

The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association has created a Nordic Label with Norway, Finland, and Sweden and is one of the world’s most stringent and authoritative bodies on what causes and reduces Asthma and Allergy in the home. The fact that CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology has been awarded such a label is further proof of the sealant’s extraordinary performance and ability to reduce bacterial infestation. CT1 is the first and only sealant to be awarded this label, which sets it apart from other sealants and adhesives in the industry that claim to resist bacteria without the proof or accreditation to accompany their hollow claims.

But, the NAAF isn’t the only accreditation that CT1 has received. In fact, CT1 has over 25 certificates and accreditations attesting to its strength, versatility and low emissions. This number is likely to grow as more people witness the undeniable power of CT1’s new TRIBRID® technology.

Want to learn more about CT1 and the new product developed from this new formula, BT1? If so, head over to: https://www.ct1.com/our-products/bt1/


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