BT1: The World’s Safest Sanitary Sealant to Use in Public Health Institutes

BT1 is the latest development in sanitary sealants and has been praised for its incredible mould-resistant properties. BT1 is a low maintenance, mould-resistant sanitary sealant that’s perfect for all public health institute applications. BT1 is from the same minds behind CT1, the Snag List Eliminator. This new addition to the CT1 family brings a new TRIBRID® Technology formula that allows strong seals and bonds upon which bacteria cannot survive. This is a key quality to look for when searching for the best possible sanitary sealant to use in hospital area applications. Maintaining a clean and mould-free environment is a must in hospitals, which is why you need to use a reliable sanitary sealant that can resist mould and fungal infestations.


BT1 is an Anti-Mould sealant

Mould is a common problem in hospital bathrooms, wards, and other parts of the premises. Mould thrives in damp and warm conditions. The best way to prevent mould is with an anti-mould sanitary sealant such as BT1. There’s no point in repeatedly cleaning mould from your existing sealant because it is guaranteed to grow back. The only way to stop mould and fungal infestations on the surface of sealants is to use an anti-mould and anti-fungal sealant that can resist against a broad spectrum of microbes. BT1 eliminated 99.99% of bacteria and is extremely effective against harmful microbes and bacteria including MRSA, E. coli and Campylobacter to name but a few.


Introducing BT1’s new TRIBRID® Technology

BT1 has reached new heights of sanitary sealant technology. In addition to BT1 being an anti-mould sealant, BT1 contains no trace of isocyanates and solvents, making it the healthiest sanitaryware sealant in the market. It’s perfect for sealing around worktops, shower trays, shower units, sinks, basins, and all other applications in public health institutes. As long as you have BT1, you’ll no longer need any wood and P.U. adhesives, silicone sealants, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic sealants or butyl rubber sealants.

BT1 is a universal sanitary sealant that bonds to most materials. This includes (but not limited to) concrete, ceramics, uPVC, wood, metal, brickwork, glass, mirror, fibreglass, and most plastics. You can even apply BT1 in wet conditions and it will work perfectly well. It creates triple strength bonds without attacking the base of the surface material on which it is applied. You can also use BT1 to bond mirrors to walls, which is great for use within hospital bathrooms.

BT1 is white, but you can paint over it with water-based paints if you like. It has excellent chemical resistance and contains very low emissions. With so many sealants on the market claiming to contain anti-mould properties, BT1 is the ONLY sealant that has been scientifically proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%. This has never been achieved by another sealant in the history of the building and construction industry. With its incredible resistance to mould, bacteria, and fungal infestation, you won’t find a better sanitary sealant to use in public health institutes than BT1.

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