BT1: How this Breakthrough Sealant Helps Healthcare Institutes Prevent Viruses & Infections

BT1 is the latest development in sealants and uses ground-breaking TRIBRID® Technology to ward off and prevent the spread of bacteria. This incredible technology has proven to be a huge step forward for the industry, helping healthcare institutes prevent harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E. coli from taking root within the establishment.

But what exactly is BT1? And, how does this new TRIBRID® Technology prevent the spread of bacteria on surfaces where it is applied?

Let’s find out!


What is BT1?

BT1 launched into the market in 2019, immediately creating waves in the industry. BT1 was designed by the creators of CT1, the Snag List Eliminator, and the ultimate construction sealant and adhesive. However, CT1 was originally a hybrid polymer and the creators at C-Tec wanted to improve upon this formula to create a more powerful sealant. Four years later, BT1 was born. BT1 is based on the same formula of CT1 but embodies TRIBRID® Technology, which is what gives this incredible sealant the ability to reduce bacteria.


How does TRIBRID® Technology work?

BT1’s TRIBRID® Technology has been scientifically formulated to fight against bacteria and fungus, helping to prevent the spread of infection and possible viruses. Following a long period of vigorous testing, BT1 proved its resistance to harmful bacteria including MRSA, Campylobacter, and E. coli. Unlike conventional sanitary sealants, BT1 does not allow bacteria to penetrate its surface. This means that it can retain its clinical white colour for longer while continuing to repel bacteria penetration. BT1 creates a barrier around itself, protecting it from foreign bodies, such as mould and fungus.


Why is BT1 perfect for the healthcare industry?

Since BT1’s unique TRIBRID® Technology formula protects it from bacteria and mould, it acts as the perfect construction sealant for hospitals and clinics. BT1 is scientifically proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness is a top priority for healthcare establishments, and BT1 is a very low maintenance sealant. It does not require regular cleaning and keeps its original colour very well.

Originally designed as a bathroom sealant, BT1 is ideal for use in bathrooms and for applications such as sealing shower trays, tiling walls and floors, repairing leaks, and installing new kitchens, etc. Since these areas can easily attract, retain, and breed bacteria, using a sufficient sealant that can prevent and reduce the spread of bacteria in places like the kitchen and bathroom is vitally important – especially for healthcare establishments.


BT1 Backed by Science

BT1 has undergone countless studies and testing. It has over 25 accreditations to its name, which helps to solidify the sealant’s credibility as the UK’s number one sanitary sealant. BT1 has also been awarded EC1, which proves that it has the lowest emissions possible for a sealant and adhesive. Another noteworthy accreditation is The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association, which has given BT1 their green light as a safe sealant that can effectively help to reduce asthma and allergy attacks in rooms where it is applied.

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