BT1: A Wet Room Sealant

If you have a wet room in your house or commercial building, you need to take time choosing the best wet room sealant. A major concern with wet rooms is the excess moisture and dampness, which can cause a host of additional issues including mould growth and bacterial infestation. If your wet room is in need of lots of bonding applications and sealing work, you need to use a great wet room sealant such as BT1.


The problem with wet rooms

Dampness and excess moisture can be a serious concern, especially if you’ve got a problem with mould. You’ll notice that wet rooms with excess dampness will usually feel much colder than other rooms, which doesn’t make it the most inviting place in the world. But, an even bigger problem that needs your immediate attention, is the presence of black mould. Mould can be the root cause of health issues such as skin irritations, asthma, headaches, and allergies to name a few.

The good news is that you can prevent mould from growing in your wet room by choosing a water-resistant and mould-resistant wet room sealant such as BT1. BT1 was made with mould prevention in mind and we’ve succeeded in creating a wet room sealant that can not only prevent mould-growth but eliminate it completely.


What to look for in a wet room sealant?

There are many reasons why BT1 has been named the best wet room sealant, but here’s just a few to get you started:


BT1 is mould-resistant!

Since wet rooms are damp and well, wet, you really need to choose a sealant that is not only waterproof, but also mould-resistant. Once mould takes hold of your bathroom, there’s no stopping it. Black spots of mould can spread throughout the wet room like wildfire, causing you a whole heap of trouble and frustration.

Avoid this giant headache by making the right decision from the beginning and choose BT1, the best anti-mould wet room sealant in the market. Microbes can spread very quickly but thanks to BT1’s unique TRIBRID® Technology, they cannot survive on the surface of this wet room sealant. When you use BT1 in your wet room, you can help prevent 99.99% of bacteria and fight against harmful microbes such as E. coli, Campylobacter and MRSA.


BT1 forms durable bonds!

Like its older brother (CT1), BT1 will form a unique durable compound with high elasticity. All of this, paired with its water and mould-resistant capabilities, makes BT1 the ultimate wet room sealant. You can use BT1 in all of your wet rooms, replacing the need for silicone sealants, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic sealants and butyl rubber sealants. BT1 can be used in wet conditions and it can also be painted, which makes it easy to blend this incredible sealant with the surrounding décor of your wet room.


BT1 is the HEALTHIEST option!

As a fantastic sanitary sealant, BT1 is the healthiest wet room sealant option available. It can even be used in public health institutions such as hospitals and clinics!

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