Bonding Stone to Concrete

Trying to Bond Stone to Concrete is extremely difficult to say the least, but why is this the case?

There are certain reasons, but primarily the composition of the concrete and the porous nature of the stone create an almost impossible environment to bond Stone to Concrete.

The products available on the market for Stone and Concrete bonding are sparse. Even the ones that are available are barely fit for the job. Most are the epoxy type, which is made up of two components. These epoxy adhesives do not perform adequately for Stone or Concrete bonding, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, epoxies are temperamental in respect that if two components are not mixed in exact measurements they will fail. This means that intricate precision and accuracy is required to formulate the best bond. Secondly, they are slow to cure and in some cases will take up to a week to completely cure. Thirdly, they lack flexibility. This is a real disadvantage when bonding Stone to Concrete because there is a lot of movement due to temperature/climate change.

The only product effective enough for bonding Stone to Concrete is the very unique Power Grab N Bond. This incredibly pioneering product, in the field of construction adhesives will bond Stone to Concrete immediately without the need for any supports. Power Grab N Bond is based on our unique CT1 sealant and construction adhesive, but is a polymer product that has been scientifically charged in order to create an immediate attachment. Not only will it create a formidable bond quickly with Stone to Concrete, but will remain flexible ensuring a permanent bond.

Not only will Power Grab N Bond successfully bond Stone to Concrete but Stone to Metal, Stone to Wood, Tiles to Stone, the possibilities and applications are endless. The Power Grab N Bond can even perform when Stone or Granite flags have to be bonded vertically. This is otherwise unheard of in the industry, setting this product in e new league of its own. Imagine a Stone or Granite tile weighing about 14kgs being bonded to a vertical substrate with immediate attachment and no sliding, that’s the technology Power Grab N Bond has!

Many happy customers have contacted us to inform us of the particular difficult jobs that Power Grab N Bond has performed, for example bonding Stone lintels around windows, and so many more. One customer told us how he saved so much labour time in bonding metal ash boxes on Concrete and marble walls, instead of having to drill and fix. Stone facades are increasingly popular and are time consuming to build, but Power Grab N Bond makes light work of them.


Answer:           POWER GRAB N BOND – IS ALL YOU NEED!


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