Bonding Stone Cladding

POWER GRAB N BOND is the ultimate one component product for heavy duty bonding of Stone Cladding. Stone Cladding in recent times has become increasingly more popular with new and re-build properties. As opposed to the Stone Cladding variety introduced in the 70’s and 80’s, the quality being used today is a lot more natural and therefore far heavier. This becomes more challenging as the current systems for applications will not suffice. Two component epoxies that have to be mixed are sufficient for light stone cladding, but have several draw backs when used for today’s heavy version.

Stone cladding is applied to a building made from something other than stone. Sometimes the cladding itself is actually not real stone at all, but a type of simulated stone. These simulated variants are usually created with a concrete-type base. Natural stone cladding is stone that has gone through the typical quarried experience. It is then cut into thin pieces which is carried out in order to reduce the overall weight of the stone. However, despite the thin cutting of stone cladding, it remains very heavy, which makes it difficult to adhere to vertical surfaces. This is where Power Grab n Bond comes in.

We at C-Tec have risen successfully to this challenge and developed this ideal product for sticking stone cladding. Power Grab n bond is the ultimate one component product for heavy duty bonding of Stone Cladding. The product itself is a development based on our unique CT1 sealant and construction adhesive. It enables the user to simply apply the product straight from the cartridge using a standard mastic gun, wait 4-5 minutes and affix direct onto the wall with no additional fixings required.

You will often see stone cladding present to steel and concrete buildings. It is usually a core part of the architectural design of such buildings, acting as somewhat of a building fashion statement in recent years. Sticking this stone in a vertical position proved a challenge to other construction adhesives. Power Grab n Bond gets the job done without the need of supporting the bond for 24 hours. This is a huge relief, especially to those who are in somewhat of a rush to get the job finished right.

Even though POWER GRAB N BOND was developed for bonding Stone Cladding, it has several other uses as an ultra-strong construction adhesive. It can be used for the fast bonding of stone caps on wall piers, monumental headstones, external electrical junction boxes and many more.

Bonding of Stone Cladding – POWER GRAB N BOND


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