Bonding stainless steel

We are often asked will CT1 sucessfully bond stainless steel most off the comments made to us are that our nearest competitive product tec 7 performs adequately on other metals but is CT1 really as good as people say is it really the works for bonding stainless steel the answer is yes. Bonding stainless steel has always been quite difficult due to it being a hard alloy containing high content off chromium not only will CT1 bond steel to its self but it will also bond to numerous other materials such as wood , concrete ,stone, marble , tile ,glass and it really is the works on most plastics. As already outlined CT1 creates a perfect durable bond on stainless steel but it will also achive this in the most difficult conditions such as wet surfaces cold & damp conditions even on painted surfaces a typical application is bonding stainless steel sinks into kitchen counter top. © Copyright.


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