Bonding Marble

Bonding Marble is one of the most difficult tasks to undertake in the construction industry. Despite the immense difficulty, bonding marble has actually become increasingly popular or even “fashionable” over recent years. Marble is a very dense stone forged from limestone and finished with a high polish. It is these traits that make it very difficult to Bond Marble.

The conventional method to Bond Marble is to drill the marble, pour a resin inside, tap in the anchors and then wait for at least 24 hours. Whilst this method will yield quite good results, it is a very time consuming procedure. On top of the long wait, there is also a high possibility that the marble will crack during the drilling process.

The most common adhesives for Bonding Marble are not very effective. These type of adhesives are two component epoxies which MUST be mixed in exactly the right proportions or they will fail. In addition to this, these adhesives take at least 48 hours to cure and lack the necessary flexibility needed to successfully bond marble.

The absolute perfect adhesive product for Bonding Marble is C-Tec’s “Power Grab n Bond”. We at C-Tec specialise in developing new technology in the field of adhesives and sealants. After developing and introducing our revolutionary CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive 8 years ago, we did not sit on our laurels and instead, remained proactive to market demand. Even though our CT1 sealant and construction adhesive yields very good results when Bonding Marble, it had its limits when presented with an application to bond an extreme weight vertically.

This is where “Power Grab n Bond” steps in and takes care of the job with ease and speed. “Power Grab n Bond” is truly an unprecedented phenomenon in the field of construction adhesives. Can you imagine a marble slab 350mm squared, weighing 18kg being bonded to a vertical surface with no sliding and no supports required? It’s unbelievable!

“Power Grab n Bond” is a one component product with unique characteristics that will create an immediate attachment when Bonding Marble to Marble, Marble to Stone, or Marble to Wood. The unique product is so simple to use, which saves the user a lot of time and effort. To apply Power Grab ‘n’ Bond, just clean the marble and apply the “Power Grab n Bond” in long beads of 450mm per kg weight onto the back of the marble and place into position, it’s as simple as that.

When the marble has been bonded to whatever material, the “Power Grab n Bond” will remain flexible so therefore will move with the Bonded Marble, thus preventing failure or cracking of materials. C-Tec has many testimonials from commercial companies who have used “Power Grab n Bond” very successfully for Bonding Marble.




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