Bonding Lead Flashing with CT1 Adhesive

Products available for bonding lead flashing really are not a long term solution for the following reasons.

1. Existing Adhesives
Where there are several varieties both one and two component which may individually tick a few boxes to successfully bond lead but won’t tick them all. For example adhesives that are solvent based can react with the lead or need perfectly dry surfaces to perform which is extremely difficult on a roof in a very wet climate. Some bitumen based adhesives that have butyl rubber compounds can be effective but have a number of DISADVANTAGES.
1. They are very slow to cure
2. Very messy to work with
3. Needs dry surface to apply

Stronger faster reacting P.V. two component adhesives can be very affective on lead, however they cure rigid a disadvantage as the lead is so flexible. Also these adhesive types are an expensive option for bonding lead.
2. Lead Content
Some of the elements that make lead its unique malleable properties like tin and carbon for example can result in lead being extremely difficult to bond. In addition when lead flashing is exposed to the elements it tarnishes creating a significant amount of carbonates on the surface which many adhesives battle with.
3. The Solution
The perfect solution for this difficult application is the revolutionary CT1 sealant/adhesive that can overcome all of the difficulties mentioned earlier.
CT1 has been developed using the latest technology and is a very unique hybrid polymer for the ultimate in the field of construction bonding and sealing. Due to CT1’s formulation it can bond very successfully the lead flashing even if it is wet! This incredible product has an elongation rate of 350% without the connection breaking which is imperative for lead bonding applications. Due to the extreme movement of the lead. CT1 will even bond the lead flashing to brick, felt and slate/tile. CT1 is eco compliant and has EC1 and EC1 A+ certificates.
CT1 is so environmentally friendly it has a food approval certification. CT1 sealant and adhesive has been used thousands of times over and is very successfully for bonding and sealing lead flashing.


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