Bonding Granite to Granite

Bonding Granite to Granite is no easy task. Why? There are two reasons.

1. Granite is very dense and contains an extremely high polished finish.

2. There is a severe lack of eligible adhesives to successfully bond Granite to Granite.

We at C-Tec have the solution for bonding Granite to Granite and that is the amazing Power Grab ‘n’ Bond (not to be confused with Locktites Power Grab). Power Grab ‘n’ Bond is based on our first development CT1 sealant and adhesive. The original is a hybrid Polymer, just like Power Grab n Bond. CT1 is incredibly strong but we needed something stronger for bonding and sticking granite to granite.

During the manufacturing process, we have manipulated the bonding process to create an instant attachment. The adhesives available to bond Granite to Granite are very dated which are normally two components that have to be mixed precisely or the Granite adhesive will fail. In addition to this, these adhesive types are very slow to cure hence supports are necessary for at least 48 hours. Power Grab ‘n’ Bond has none of these disadvantages, so when bonding Granite to Granite or Granite to stone, you will have an immediate fix without the need for support. It is truly amazing.

This Power Grab ‘n’ Bond has made life so easy for installers of Granite, especially in the kitchen applications. Granite memorial headstones that come loose or damaged normally have to be replaced at a considerable cost but not anymore. We have had many people thank us for providing an inexpensive solution for bonding Granite. Once the job is complete, there is no fear of staining or “bleeding” through on the Granite as this adhesive contains no solvents. If there is a downside to this Granite Adhesive, we suppose if in the future if the Granite had to be removed it wouldn’t be possible without breaking it as the bond is permanent.

In many occasions, particularly in bar installations, there are joints in the marble and these can be filled perfectly with our CT1 Sealant a unique hybrid polymer that can be applied onto wet surfaces. The CT1 construction sealant and adhesive will remain flexible which is perfect for joints in the Granite. The Power Grab ‘n’ Bond has been used for many prestigious jobs like Granite bonding in the Westfield Shopping Centre and the Connaught Hotel London. The C- Tec Power Grab ‘n’ Bond Adhesive not only completed the job swiftly, it also saved considerable sums in late completion penalties. We have several customers who have used our Power Grab ‘n’ Bond for building small retaining garden walls in particular the capping stones and it has saved them hours of labour.



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