Best Glue for Wood to Brick

So, you want to bond wood to brick and you need a strong enough glue for the job?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Using a strong glue for wood to brick is the most effective and time-efficient method for this type of application. The question is, what is the best glue for wood to brick?

The answer is simple – CT1.

CT1 is the best glue for wood to brick because of its unique TRIBRID® Technology. It delivers fast and effective results and is the perfect adhesive for bonding wood to brick.


Features that make CT1 the best glue for wood to brick

There are many reasons why CT1 is the best glue for sticking wood to brick, but here are just a few.


1. Strong Adhesion


With its new TRIBRID® Technology, CT1 is 360% more powerful than other hybrid adhesives and glues. This means it is more than capable of bonding wood to brick. It contains no solvents or isocyanates, which means the initial bond strength you get following the first application is the same bond strength you’ll have years down the line. Unlike silicone sealants containing harsh solvents that later evaporate and leave the sealant to shrink and crack over time, CT1 will never shrink, crack, or sag.


2. Water-resistant

One of the best features of CT1 and what often keeps customers coming back time and time again is CT1’s unique water-resistant properties. CT1 works in wet or dry conditions. If you need the best glue for wood to brick outdoors, you can’t go wrong with CT1. You need wood to brick glue that not only bonds wood and brick together but can keep the materials bonded even in extreme moist and damp conditions. For this purpose, CT1’s water-resistant properties make it the number one glue for brick to wood.


3. Weatherproof

If you’re applying glue to stick wood to brick outdoors, you need to make sure you choose a weather-resistant adhesive such as CT1. Not only is it waterproof, but CT1 also withstands high UV levels. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or the hottest summer of the decade, you can trust CT1 to glue wood and brick without deterioration over time.


4. Flexible bond

Due to its flexibility, CT1 is perfect for sticking wood to brick. Both wood and brick are very porous, which means they absorb moisture easily. This can cause movement, however small, and eventually, wear away at the adhesive. Thankfully, CT1 is very flexible, and because it’s also waterproof, it’s perfect for bonding porous materials such as wood and brick.


5. Gentle but powerful

CT1 sticks wood to brick with ease. Although it creates a very strong and durable bond between wood and brick, it does so without attacking or damaging the wood or brick. CT1 contains no solvents and will create long-lasting results that can withstand the test of time.

If you’re looking for the best glue for wood to brick, you won’t find a better adhesive for the job than CT1.

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