Best Construction Adhesive for Stone

What is the best construction adhesive for stone?

This is one of the most common questions we get here at C-Tec and for good reason. Finding the best construction adhesive for stone is no easy feat. Strength is certainly one of the most important characteristics of a good masonry adhesive.

But, with every construction adhesive in the market claiming to be the best construction adhesive for stone, how do you which one you can trust?


The problem with masonry adhesives

The first place you should look on your quest for the best construction adhesive for stone is one from a reputable and credible developer. Avoid cheap and nameless brands that always turn out to be a waste of time and money. Instead, do your research and find out for yourself which construction adhesive is best for stone.

Existing stone adhesives lack the power and strength to effectively bond stone. Sure, they make extraordinary claims on the cartridge to convince you to buy them, but when it comes to bonding stones, going for the cheapest option almost always turns out to be an expensive mistake. Two-component adhesives must be mixed using precise ratios. Get it wrong, and you’re left with a poor bond that is destined to fail. Not to mention, this type of construction adhesives are very slow to cure and they lack the flexibility a job like this needs.

Remember that stone is a very porous material. This characteristic alone makes it a very difficult material to bond because of how absorbent it is. If you choose the wrong sealant that cannot withstand the porous properties of the stone, you’ll be left with an inadequate bond that will crack, shrink, and corrode over time. To avoid this problem and save yourself having to return to the same job in the future, you must choose a genuinely powerful construction adhesive for stone.


Introducing the best construction adhesive for stone

Power Grab N Bond is a one-component construction sealant from the creators of CT1. Once you’ve got the product, you’re ready to apply and bond stone since you will not have to mix it with a second component. This saves you a lot of labour time. Power Grab N Bond can also successfully bond stone slabs, metal to stone, stone to stone, concrete to stone, and so on. You can even apply this amazing stone adhesive vertically and it will work with no issues. You won’t have to worry about the stones sliding either, which is something that other sealants fail to achieve.

Power Grab N Bond is the best construction adhesive for stone in the market. It can withstand the porous nature of stones and because of its unique flexibility, it will not shrink or crack over time. It provides phenomenal results in the initial grab and you won’t need to add any extra fixings to secure the bond. Power Grab N Bond is a lone wolf product that you can rely on to bond stone without additional fixings of any kind.

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