Best All-Weather Sealant for a Conservatory Roof

Most modern conservatories are built to withstand all weather, temperatures, and seasons. However, that doesn’t mean your conservatory won’t experience leaks over time. A leaking conservatory roof can be a big hassle for the homeowner, who will have to find and potentially hire someone to fix the leak. The best way to avoid a leaking conservatory roof is by using the best all-weather sealant to help prevent leaks from occurring. Of course, if you’re experiencing a conservatory roof leak right now, this all-weather sealant will help you to repair that leak in no time.

CT1 is the best all-weather sealant for a conservatory roof. Whether the sun is splitting through the trees, rain is pouring down, or your conservatory is bashed with a snowstorm, CT1 will protect your conservatory roof from all types of weather damage.


Why do conservatories leak?

Leaking conservatory roofs are more common than you might think. In most cases, leaks happen because the sealant was sealed with a poor-quality sealant. Most of the time, installers use silicone sealants to seal conservatory roofs which are a massive mistake. Silicone sealants contain solvents that evaporate during the curing process. During this time, the sealant shrinks since solvents have evaporated, reducing the body of the formulation which then leads to things like shrinkage and cracks. Over time, heavy rainfall and weather damage tear away at the silicone sealant until the bond corrodes and a leak occurs.

To avoid and repair conservatory roofs, you need an all-weather sealant you can trust. This means you need to find a sealant that can withstand UV rays, water, temperatures, and so on. CT1 is that sealant.


CT1 – The Ultimate All-Weather Sealant

CT1 will bond a range of materials successfully including tiles, wood, plastic, metal, and glass. Although it is a powerful sealant, it does not damage the synthetics of the base material. With its new TRIBRID® Technology, CT1 is 360% stronger than classic single and hybrid polymers. One of the best features of this remarkable all-weather sealant is the fact that it won’t shrink or crack over time. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside, CT1’s strength is impenetrable. This is a must-have quality for a sealant being used to seal a conservatory roof since you do not want to go through all the trouble of repairing a leak, only to be forced to return and repeat the entire process all over again after a few bad storms.

What makes CT1 excellent for conservatories is its ability to withstand all types of weather. Its TRIBRID® Technology has increased its water-resistant capabilities and has made it impossible for mould to breed on its surface. What’s more, CT1 works in wet conditions and even underwater. So, no matter how much it rains, water cannot damage or weaken the strength of CT1’s bond. With zero chemical solvents in its formula, CT1 has excellent resistance to U.V. rays and sunlight, making it perfect for all types of weather conditions.