Bath Sealant – The Best Bath Sealant Available

CT1, we can say with confidence is the best bath sealant available at the moment. Why so? Well let’s take a look at conventional bath sealants available and used every day. Silicone bath sealant is the most common and widely used bath sealants. But this silicone bath sealant has so many disadvantages and is not a long term fix!

The problem with silicone bath sealant is largely due to the high content of solvents mixed within the silicone bath sealant. These solvents have to evaporate resulting in a high ratio of shrinking, this is the reason why bathroom installers will have to fill the bath with water and then apply a bead of silicone around the bath and then let it cure. Even after this exercise the silicone bath sealant over time will detach itself from the base material. The lack of adhesion and strength of these silicone bath sealants are very poor.

Another reason why the silicone bath sealant will detach itself is due to the steam, heat and continual exposure to water. All of these combined factors will breakdown the silicone bath sealant very quickly. Another type of bath sealant is the acrylic version which has far higher adhesive properties but will still have the shrink characteristics as the acrylic bath sealants also contain large amounts of solvents. Most people will complain that after a short period of time the sealant around their bath has gone black or mildew has appeared this is a direct result of the solvent and the consequences of the evaporation. The sealant will cure but with many cavities within it bacteria will breed. That is why we can say that CT1 is the best bath sealant available because it has none of the disadvantages of existing bath sealants.

CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer with no solvents in its make-up therefore will never shrink. CT1 has a unique bond capacity ensuring a perfect seal every time. CT1 will remain flexible and can resist the expansion and movement of the base materials. CT1 is also a bactericide and is the perfect environmental bath sealant. CT1 is odourless, which is a great advantage as a bath sealant. CT1 will not only act as a 100% seal for the bath but will also perform as a very strong adhesive for bonding numerous materials such as plastic panels, tiles, mirrors, wood, metal, the list is endless.

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