Are Chemical Paint Strippers Safe to Use in the Home?

Chemical paint strippers are a fast and highly effective way to remove paint, but are they safe?

Chemical strippers are a very efficient and successful alternative to other methods of paint removal. Sanding and scraping, pressure washing, power washing, and heat tools all come with their own challenges and level of effectiveness. But when it comes to getting the best final results, no other solution comes close to a powerful chemical paint stripper.

Despite the incredible results a chemical paint stripper can help you achieve, many people hesitate to choose this option. This is because so many paint strippers available on the market today contain hazardous chemicals. Chemicals like methyl chloride are often found in commercially used paint strippers and can be extremely harmful to the user’s health. Methyl chloride alone has been linked to a variety of health problems, from skin irritation to heart attacks, and even cancer.

While there are some precautions you can take when using chemical paint strippers, such as ensuring adequate ventilation, removing sources of heat or flame from your working environment, and using sufficient hand, eye, and respiratory protection, the best precaution is to use a non-toxic paint stripper.

It may come as a relief to discover that not all paint strippers contain hazardous chemicals. In fact, there is one powerful chemical paint stripper that removes paint from multiple surfaces safely – Peel Tec. This chemical paint stripper has a unique formulation making it a highly effective paint removal solution without the dangerous vapours.

Peel Tec was designed with safety in mind. The experts at C-Tec listened to the growing concerns of those in the construction and decorating trade and beyond, and developed a product that would suit paint stripping needs, maintain a competitive level of effectiveness and that people would feel safe to use – even in their homes. They created Peel Tec, the easy and safe to use chemical paint stripper that anyone can feel confident using.

Peel Tec’s incredibly safe formulation and high level of effectiveness means that many in the painting and decorating industry choose it as their go-to paint removal method. The non-toxic paint remover has even been recognized with the prestigious Decorating Product of the Year award at the 2021 DIY Awards. Peel Tec has been praised for its ease-of-use, efficiency, and safety, making it the obvious choice for anyone attempting paint stripping, whether it’s for the first time or the 500th.

So to answer to the question, are chemical paint strippers safe to use in the home? One chemical paint stripper is and that’s the award-winning, non-toxic, Peel Tec. What’s more, you can pick up this ground-breaking product from DIY favourite, Wickes.

Don’t wait, try out this pioneering paint removal product today! Find your can of Peel Tec and other C-Tec products on the Wickes website or at one of the 230+ Wickes stores across the UK now.

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