An easy guide to fix a leaking boiler pipe

Do you have a leaking boiler pipe?

A leaking boiler pipe is never a good thing. The severity of the leak will depend on your individual circumstances but what every boiler leak has in common is that the sooner you can fix it, the better. If you leave a leaking boiler pipe and ignore it, you can cause more damage and affect your central heating, boiler pressure, and even your hot water supply. Thankfully, a leaking boiler pipe is usually not dangerous, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be repaired as soon as possible.

In emergencies, calling a plumber to fix the leaking boiler pipe may not be a viable option. It is possible to fix the leaking boiler pipe yourself however, you just need to make sure you’ve got some Miracle Seal handy. Miracle Seal permanently seals small leaks in boiler pipes with ease and can be used to prevent further leaks and damage. But before you can use Miracle Seal to fix a leaking boiler pipe, you need to understand why and how the leak occurred in the first place.


Causes of a leaking boiler pipe

One of the most common reasons a boiler pipe leaks is because of pressure issues. When there’s too much pressure in the boiler, it will need to discharge excess water to help relieve some of the pressure. This can lead to a water leak that needs fixing.

Loose joints and general wear and tear are possible causes of a leaking boiler pipe. As boilers age, the repeated cooling and heating of the water can lead to erosion and cracks. Hopefully, you won’t need an entirely new boiler. Most of the time, leaks like this can be repaired with a trusty water leak sealant such as Miracle Seal.

Another major cause of leaks in boiler pipes is damaged boiler seals. Here at C-Tec, we’re sealant experts and the creators of the world’s best sealant, CT1, and it’s new brother, BT1. Using our expertise on sealants, we came up with a new water sealant that’s specifically designed to seal leaks in boiler pipes, cooling systems, heating systems, radiators, and so on.

When there’s a leak in a boiler that’s caused by damaged or eroded boiler seals, it should be repaired immediately. Leaks like this occur when the seal is damaged and stops doing its initial job, which is to protect the boiler’s structure from cracking. So, you need a sealant that can expand along with the heat while withstanding the boiler pressure at the same time – you need Miracle Seal.


Using Miracle Seal to fix Boiler Leaks

Miracle Seal is the ideal sealant for repairing leaks in your boiler. It’s designed to make fast emergency repairs, making it perfect for when you notice a leak in your boiler. It’s compatible with all types of boilers and seals leaks as small and narrow as hair cracks. It contains anti-corrosion and lubricating additives, which means it does not clog the boiler.

When it comes to fixing a leaking boiler pipe, there is no better solution than Miracle Seal!

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