Adhesive to Stick to PVC

Finding the right adhesive to stick to PVC can be a mammoth of a task, even for experienced tradesmen who just can’t seem to locate the perfect adhesive for the job. The odds of coming across an adhesive that will stick to PVC is almost as difficult as finding one that will actually stand the test of time. However, these dark days have come to an end! Welcome to the light…welcome to the World of CT1.

CT1 has revolutionized the meaning of the word construction ADHESIVE as it will actually stick this material to almost any material that you’re working with (excluding Polypropylene). It even bonds with plastic, wood, concrete, metal and glass. Sticking PVC with regular adhesives is usually close to impossible because they are unable to adhere to the material. You need a powerful but flexible adhesive, which is why CT1 is right for the job.

C-TEC’s dedicated research team are always testing its bonding abilities and continually reporting on its uses (Please view Product Application section on our website).

But finding a product to bond with PVC was the main WOW factor!! At last an adhesive available in the market that will adhere to PVC and actually last!

But why is it so hard to find a construction adhesive that does this??? We can send men to the moon, find our way from A-Z in 30s seconds on sat Navigation, but why is it so difficult to find a product to stick these materials? And why hasn’t anyone come up with a solution sooner?

Most construction adhesive don’t like this material, primarily because the way the plastic is formulated, the PVC resins are generally heavily compounded with additives to improve its properties. These additives such as stabilizers fillers and plasticizers make it an excellent construction material but not one that likely to bond easy with other construction materials. To get a strong bond you USED to have to use heat welding or solvent cementing…but not anymore.

This amazing sealant will ease your work load, guarantee a lasting finish and allow you to work in any temperature or condition. CT1 is a powerful product that replaces several products in one. It is most definitely the first product to stick to this material with 100% ease. CT1 is a special formula- a hybrid polymer formulation and is simply the best construction sealant on the market that can seal leaks underwater! This means that no matter where the leak is, CT1 can fix it in no time, even in sea water. This sealant will form the strongest construction bond, and is the only one on the market that will form that bond.

Join the light, Get CT1 the only adhesive to stick to PVC!

CT1 The Snag List Eliminator- not a phrase we paid for, one we earned!!!


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