Adhesive to Stick Plastic to Metal

So many adhesives have been trying to stick plastic to metal only to fail at the last hurdle. That is, before CT1-the ultimate construction sealant, entered the market. This unique application has been steadily on the increase over recent years as a product that can bond plastic and metal has been in demand. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of consumable goods are being manufactured with a type of plastic (and in many cases, metal). Many white goods such as washing machines are manufactured out of steel, but the residual parts are mainly plastic. In many instances in the past, whenever a break occurred between the plastic and metal components of such goods, repairing the breakage caused a dilemma. Finding a glue to adhere these products together was close to impossible as the solution simply did not exist, resulting in expensive replacement of brand new parts.

In many new shop fittings, the need for a miracle glue is more demanding where panels cannot be welded or secured with fixings. These situations require glue to stick them together, especially in larger surface areas. The adhesives available to do this do not perform adequately, firstly look at one component mastic binder, the type that are packed in a 310ml cartridge. This type of adhesive lacks bonding strength and they cure rigid. In many cases, due to the solvent content of the sealant, the product will either etch into or burn the base of the plastic. Two component adhesives like epoxies tend to perform a lot better than the one component alternatives. However, the epoxies can be also aggressive and not as flexible.

When bonding, it is important that the sealant will have flexibility as the plastic and metal will move. The ultimate product to chemically fix these materials is C-Tec’s unique construction adhesive and water site seal the now famous CT1 Snag List Eliminator. This amazing product is our development of a unique hybrid polymer formulation. This allows a formidable bond between the two materials but also numerous other materials such as plastic to wood, metal to glass and endless combinations. With there being so many different types of plastic and metal CT1 will take care of them all (except for polypropylene).

It contains no solvents so it will not burn the material, but rather it will remain flexible. You can even apply it when the surface of the materials is wet as CT1 is completely water resistant. Can you imagine being able to bond these materials outdoors? This adhesive makes it possible, even when it comes to fixing leaking roofs, for example. It can also be applied under water; many times it arises in outdoor pool applications. Not only is this product great, it’s brilliant for sealing as it is strong but also viscous where need be.


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