Adhesive for Marble

There is such a demand for a high quality, strong and fast acting adhesive for bonding marble. The use of marble has been intensified over the last five years as prior to that the most popular use for this material was for the manufacturing of marble monumental headstones. Now however, marble is extensively used in domestic dwellings. The main rooms in the everyday household with marble present is bathrooms, kitchens and sitting rooms. Marble fire places and marble floors are the most commonly used applications. Despite its popularity, the method of bonding marble has not really changed much over recent years.

Two component adhesives, namely epoxies, are used as an adhesive for marble and are very dated in their technology. There are two reasons for this:

1. The two components are harder to bond and adhere to surfaces.

2. The resin which has to be mixed to an exact homogenise paste or the marble adhesive will be ineffective.

These two component adhesives are very slow to cure and in heavy applications, can take up to seven days to completely adhere. On top of this, they have to be supported with mechanical ties. In addition, the other lacking elements within this glue is their lack of flexibility. Most marble adhesives contain the same problems, with their lack of flexibility taking a serious toll on their performance because it can lead to future problems when movement begins, due to fluctuating temperatures.

So, is there any marble adhesive that is flexible and has the power to successfully bond marble?

The answer, without a doubt, is the incredible Power Grab N Bond – the ultimate adhesive for marble. Power Grab N Bond has been named by professionals in the industry as the ultimate adhesive for marble.

Power Grab N Bond (not to be confused with Locktites Power Grab Mastic) is a unique hybrid polymer compound that is the only one component engineered product available. The smooth glass like finish of marble holds no difficulty to Power Grab N Bond, unlike conventional adhesives for marble which have extreme difficulty in trying to obtain an etch or grab onto the marble. Power Grab and N Bond’s unique formulation creates an immediate grab with no sliding, resulting in a perfect application with ease and no mess every time.

Power Grab N Bond contains no solvents and so therefore, there is no risk of staining or bleeding into the marble. It will also remain flexible which is one of the most important features found in an adhesive for marble.

The Grab supplied is so strong with Power Grab N Bond that you can stick marble tiles or slabs vertically without the need for supports. A typical application is bonding in stainless steel sinks into marble kitchen counter tops. C-TEC’s unique CT1 sealant is perfect for sealing around these sinks.

Power Grab N Bond

The Only Adhesive you need for Marble


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