Adhesive for Granite

The best Adhesive for Granite without contradiction is the incredible Power Grab n Bond (not to be confused with Locktites Power Grab Mastic). We at C-Tec, the building product specialists, shook the market apart when we developed and introduced our unique CT1 Sealant and Adhesive seven years ago. This was (and still is) an unprecedented development in sealing and bonding in one product and we have not sat on our laurels. In continuing our course of pioneering the creation of new technical advances in sealing and bonding, we created the amazing Power Grab n Bond – the ultimate Adhesive for Granite.

The conventional adhesives for Granite are really dated in their technology and have numerous disadvantages. For example, Granite Adhesives normally consist of two components that have to be mixed. This is not only incredibly time consuming, but if the mix is not exact this will affect the curling and performance of the Adhesive. These two component Granite Adhesives commonly known as epoxies are very slow to cure, taking up to seven days in some circumstances.

When sticking Granite to Granite, it is important that the Adhesive will have flexibility. This is to allow the Granite to move without cracking. Unfortunately, traditional two component epoxies do not have this feature. Therefore, the granite will often crack as a result to the adhesive being unable to withstand movement or heavy vibrations etc. These Adhesives for Granite are also limited to just bonding Granite and cannot cope with Granite to stainless steel or Granite to wood etc. If it is required to stick Granite to a vertical surface, this is now a huge task as the Granite has to be heavily supported for at least 48 hours.

The C-Tec Power Grab n Bond is a “seeing to believe” Adhesive for Granite and defies logic. For example, take a Granite slab 300mm x 300mm weighing about 18Kg. This is obviously a seriously heavy slab and one that will probably need a great deal of support to bond it vertically. However, when you apply Power Grab n Bond on to the back of the Granite and apply the slab directly on to a vertical surface, it will immediately attach to the wall with absolutely no sliding and without the need for any supports. It’s truly amazing technology. This specially formulated Granite Adhesive will work equally as well on other materials such as steel, wood, glass and plastic.

Power Grab n Bond. The Only Granite Adhesive.


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