A Universal Bath Sealant

CT1 unique sealant is the go-to universal bath sealant. Despite there being so many different sealants available on the market, there is no point in settling for a mediocre option that doesn’t get the job done right. When it comes to finding the perfect bath sealant, it is important that you choose a sealant that will complete the job and provide lasting results. After all, you don’t want to return to the same area months down the line to find that the sealant used did not meet your expectations. The only way to avoid this disaster is to distinguish the high quality sealants from poor performing ones, namely silicone based sealants.

Everyone has experienced the poor end result of silicone over a period of time. Unfortunately, they don’t adhere well in damp areas such as our bathtubs! The silicone will actually start to shrink and detach from the bath, destroying the initial grab of the product. This is more prevalent in bathrooms because of the damp moisture and exposure to water particles. Don’t be surprised if your silicone sealant starts to get mouldy as bacteria breeds on the surface, multiplying at an alarmingly fast rate. If silicone sealant is so inadequate in its performance, then why do people continue to use it? The most likely answer is the price tag.

Silicone bath sealants can be purchased for as little as £1.00. There are other more expensive versions of this such as acrylic sealants that have less shrinkage and better adhesion. However, even an acrylic sealant will allow mould or bacteria to breed on its surface. When in doubt there is only one true bath sealant that you can depend on.

CT1 is the ultimate universal sealant for a multitude of difficult applications. It is a unique hybrid polymer for premium sealing and bonding, especially around baths, sinks and showers etc. It contains no solvents so therefore it will never shrink. It is 100% Eco Compliant and mould or bacteria find it impossible to breed on its surface, unlike silicone and acrylic sealants.

When a tradesman normally seals around a new bath he half fills it and applies the silicone sealant to allow for expansion, after it cures he empties the bath and tests for leaks. When using our product this is not necessary as it has excellent adhesion, strength and flexibility. CT1 is odourless and environmentally friendly.

We are positive that CT1 is the only product that will also act as a super strong construction adhesive. For example, it will bond shower trays, mirrors to walls, sink and bath fittings, tiles and a multitude of different materials. Before applying CT1 it is advisable to remove any old silicone which is a difficult task. The perfect product for this is our MSV Multi solve.

It comes in a standard cartridge but also in a handy aerosol that requires no caulking gun. This aerosol version called CT1 No Gun is very easy to use and will create “blob” free beads around the bath.

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